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As some of you will have noticed, there has been talk about doing a region based, team battle tournament! The premise will be on teams consisting of 2-3 people (this may change later) of players, preferably from the same region, playing against other region teams. Each member of their team will acquire points as part of a aggregate total. The point system will be done like thus:

Win 2-0 = 3 points
Win 2-1 = 2 points
Loss 1-2 = 1 point
Loss 0-2 = 0 points

The point system is done in a manner in that a smaller team has just as much of a chance to get as many points off a bigger team than they can off of the smaller team. It also ensures that everyone has to do well on their team, as having just one "star player" will count for naught if everyone else gets creamed.

The length of the tournament will vary on how many players and teams enter. I was thinking that every team would face teams twice a week, once on Wednesday evening and once at the weekend, which would be ample time between games, but not a huge gap as a match would be around every 3-4 days. I would also have it that every team plays all other teams, on two occasions. If 6 teams entered, then 1 team has to play the other 5 teams twice, thus, the tournament would last around 5 weeks long. Unlike the previous tournaments, this would be longer and would run like a League. This means that NO ONE can be disqualified and no one will take an early shower. Everyone involved, will play from the start to the end of the season.

Just to add, anyone entering I would like it if you could give your:
Game Tag
Time Zone

Now for the bad news. I probably wont be starting this until around the new year. I know that seems a ways off, but i will be very, very busy this month and I cant promise I can commit enough time to this if it started in December. Besides, December is a busy month for everyone, and in January, everything will have calmed down a bit. If you guys are desperate for a bit of tournie action next month, I know MoFaT is hosting one on TYM here: If some of you aren't TYM members, let me know and I can let MoFaT know on your behalf! I have to admit, letting someone else run a tourney for once will be a nice change on this occasion ;)

Okay guys, if there is anything you are unsure of, ask and I will explain. If there's any suggestions you'd like to make, also, let me know. This wont be starting for some time, and over the next few weeks i'll be looking at a couple generators and programmes so I got something nice to run this on.

I know some of you may be keen to play with your buddies, hence why i've opted for a Region based teams, which should prevent the best players from all over, forming one team. There may be instances where only one guy from one area has signed up, so in that case he may be allotted to a neighbouring region or Time Zone.
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Example of how points system works:

Okay, so you guys are a little unsure of how this would run/work? Read the following:

this is what I had in mind for how the games would play out, with the point system I would put in place:

Win 2-0 = 3 points
Win 2-1 = 2 points
Loss 1-2 = 1 point
Loss 0-2 = 0 points

Lets say for arguments sake, there is 3 teams.

Team EU: cactus flagg and fr stack
Team Virginia: BeatDownMao88, Treadmill and Travokane
Team Austin: Squirrel, Tama Tones, Luxu1

Now when Team EU meets Team Virginia, it means I have to play against every member of Team Virginia once and so does fr stack. Here is hypothetical outcome to this encounter using the point system I suggested earlier.

Treadmill vs cactus flagg 2-0 (3 points to Treadmill)
Treadmill vs fr stack 2-1 (2 points to Treadmill, 1 point to fr stack)
Beatdown vs cactus flagg 2-1 (2 points to Beatdown, 1 point to cactus flagg)
Beatdown vs fr stack 1-2 (1 point to Beatdown, 2 points to fr stack)
Travokane vs cactus flagg 0-2 (0 points to Travokane, 3 points to cactus flagg)
Travokane vs fr stack 1-2 (1 point to Travokane, 2 points to fr stack)

Now the outcome here is that Team Virginia came away with 9 points and Team EU came away with 9 points.This demonstrates how a smaller team has just as much of a chance as getting as many points as the larger teams, and the importance of not dropping a game in the best of 3. As I would try and arrange for every team to meet twice, this would count as one encounter.

Now, Team Virginia plays Team Austin and the outcome is:

Treadmill vs Squirrel 2-0 (Tread gets 3 points)
Treadmill vs Tama Tones 2-0 (Tread gets 3 points)
Treadmill vs Luxu1 2-1 (Tread gets 2 points, lux gets 1 point)
Beatdown vs Squirrel 0-2 (Squirrel gets 3 points)
Beatdown vs Tama Tones 0-2 (Tones gets 3 points)
Beatdown vs Luxu1 1-2 (Beatdown gets 1 point, Lux gets 2 points)
Travokane vs Squirrel 0-2 (Squirrel gets 3 points)
Travokane vs Tama Tones 0-2 (Tones gets 3 points)
Travokane vs Luxu1 0-2 (Lux gets 3 points)

Even though Treadmill dominates Team Austin and comes away with 8 points, the grand total for Team Virginia is only 9 points as Team Austin make short work of Beatdown and Travokane, and Team Austin comes away with 18 points despite dropping so many against Treadmill. This is an example that having one really good player on your team does not guarantee automatic success and it means EVERYONE has to perform well if they want the whole team to do well.
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Reserved for sign ups:

Saix: GT BeatDownMao88, Virginia, EST
Flagg: GT cactus flagg, England, GMT
Kanye West: GT Th3UnKn0wN1n3, Texas, CST
Treadmill: GT Treadmill1150, West Virginia, EST
Travokane: GT Travokane, West Virginia, EST
Mike Riazy: GT Mikemetroid, Pennsylvania, EST
PinkZeppelin: GT pink i zeppelin, Belgium, CET
iVital: GT imme224, Georgia, EST
buddthagreat: GT BUDD THA GREAT, Tennessee, CST
n9195v: GT n9195v, New Jersey, EST
Zoidberg747: GT Zoidberg747, Texas, CST
fr stack: GT fr stack, Ireland, GMT
Shura: GT Shura30, Italy, CET
MoFaT: GT i MoFaT i, Ontario, MTZ/EST
STBShujinkydink: GT STBShujinkyDink, British Columbia, PST
Cosmic: GT Cosmic eclipse, Canada
Luxul: GT luxu1, Austin, CST
Squirrelpion: GT squirrel 1571, Austin, CST
Tama Tones GT: , Austin, CST
Johnny Rook and his crew (maybe)
Tesus Jits: GT TooDamnClean, Mississippi, CST
Ufle; GT: i Ufle i , Italy, CET
The Johnny Rook: GT THE JOHNNY ROOK, Midwest, MST
Exemery GT: Exemery

Reserved for teams:
Team EU: cactus flagg, pink i zeppelin, fr stack, shura30, Ufle
Team Canada: GutznG0re, i MoFaT i, Dinky, Cosmic
Team Virgina: Treadmill, Beatdownmao88, Travokane, Mikemetroid
Team Texas: Luxu1, Squirrelpion, Tama Tones
Team "Dirty" South: imme224, BUDD THA GREAT, Wushu Fighter, Exemery
Team USA: n9195v, Zoidberg747, Th3UnKn0wN1n3

Reserved for suggestions and rules:

1) Teams of 2-5
2) Team battles will occur twice a week. Once on a week day (preferably midweek) and once on the weekend.
3) Kombat Codes: 001, 900, 101, 234 and 666
4) Matches between players will be a best of 3 (first to win 2)
5) Region based teams
6) Open roster
7) Can only change character if a person loses
8 ) Tournie Codes: 001 (remove foreground element), 900 (no blood), 101 (klassic music), 666 (zombie mode/no fatalities), 234 (rainbow mode)
9) Both teams MUST show up on their scheduled dates and times to fight. Not all team mates are required, but if one person turns up and the rest of his team doesn't, he will have to face the other team in it's entirety on his own. If one team fails to show up at all, the other team will be awarded the maximum amount of points they could have won in that encounter.
10) Can both teams keep an ACCURATE account of scores between players, as the difference between 2-0 and 2-1 are points. Can scores then be sent either to me, via PM by both captains, or in the main thread.
11) Teams have till Dec 30th to "recruit". After that, no new people can join a team. Remember, teams are a maximum of 5 players. Most teams have 4 or 5 already, but I know there are a couple of smaller teams.


Round 1: Jan 4th (Wed)
Team Virginia vs Team Texas

Jan 5th (thrs)
Team EU vs Team USA
Team Canada vs Team Dirty South

Round 2: Jan 8th (sun)
Team Dirty South vs Team EU
Team USA vs Team Texas
Team Canada vs Team Virginia

Round 3: Jan 12th (thr)
Team EU vs Team Texas
Team Dirty South vs Team Virginia
Team USA vs Team Canada

Round 4: Jan 15th (sun)
Team Virginia vs Team EU
Team Texas vs Team Canada
Team Dirty South vs Team USA

Round 5: Jan 19th (thrs)
Team EU vs Team Canada
Team Virginia vs Team USA
Team Texas vs Team Dirty South

Round 6: Jan 22nd (sun)
Team USA vs Team EU
Team Dirty South vs Team Canada
Team Texas vs Team Virginia

Round 7: Jan 26th (thrs)
Team EU vs Team Dirty South
Team Texas vs Team USA
Team Virginia vs Team Canada

Round 8: Jan 29th (sun)
Team Texas vs Team EU
Team Virginia vs Team Dirty South
Team Canada vs Team USA

Round 9: Feb 2nd (thrs)
Team EU vs Team Virginia
Team Canada vs Team Texas
Team USA vs Team Dirty South

Round 10: Feb 5th (sun)
Team Canada vs Team EU
Team USA vs Team Virginia
Team Dirty South vs Team Texas
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I would also like to add that I would like to practice a lot for this with my team mates.