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Can someone tell me the visual/apparent differences between the different versions of MKT for PSX? I have an old copy of MKT for PSX and I can't tell which version it is (Original black label, greatest hits, etc). I don't have the case and the disc's print has been colored over (otherwise i would know)
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There were at least three public revisions of this game for the PlayStation (the final version was the North American Greatest Hits and European Platinum edition). With each revision, aspects of the gameplay were refined, producing gameplay closer to Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 for the Arcade. Many of the infinites and bugs found inthe game only existed in earlier revisions. Shang Tsung never appears anywhere within the "Choose Your Destiny" towers, probably because of the loading delays when morphing in the PS version (there's an option that lets the system load two additional characters into memory when playing as Shang Tsung, eliminating the long loading delays of MK3 and UMK3 when morphing); the only time the CPU ever controls Tsung is during the attract mode. After beating the PS version of the game, the final message in the credits says "MK4 coming in 1997".
Thanks, I've seen this paragraph before but it only tells me that there are differences. I am looking for specifics.
Here's another thing I could find that may help more. I'm guessing your looking for the physical disk differences, I was thinking you were looking for gameplay differences.

Edit: been looking for pictures of the differences of the greatest hits and the other silver disc one to try to help out more, but am having trouble with that. I would assume if it is silver its greatest hits and if it isn't it's the original.
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