MKT Favorite character?


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Im sure this thread has been done before but hey why not.Id have to go with Rain and Noob back in the day prolly cause it was the first time i got to play with them.And being able to pick all those bosses was awesome as well.Kintaro is such a waste of everything.


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Favorite: Rain
Best: Shang Tsung

From MK2-4 i just always pick Shang (shinnok in 4) and morph into everyone so I have everyone available to me

Really hoping for that trilogy port/redo. Idc about anything other than having it available to me. I dont feel like looking through the internet for a cheap PS1 that'll probably die in a week.

"sigh" #frustrating


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Yea ive been waitin for the port to but seems they think is UMK3 is better for some reason. If your one of the FEW shang tsungs who can actually change into anyone and is decent with them thats scary bro.


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umk3 is more balanced but my favorite is rain by far in trilogy in umk3 probably.... hmmmm... scorpion


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In MKT for N64 and PS1 I enjoy Rain, Reptile, and Johnny Cage. I have mastered all the kombos for them in those games and there special moves.


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For MKT, it's a tie between Noob and Rain for me. I remember owning all my friends with them as a kid. And clearly my favorites stuck because I'm still maining both in MK9. Nostalgic.
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Shang Tsung. I loved using Shang Tsung for his morphs, simply because I had an answer to every situation. I would most commonly turn into Ermac, Kano, Cyrax, Scorpion, Sub-Zero, Reptile and Raiden. Which covered all of the archetypical bases for fighting games. Zoners, Rushdown, etc.

If I felt like it, I would just pick Rain, Noob or Ermac and win. Not lose. Win. Just win. Understand?
They were so OP. Especially Noob and Rain. It was so unfair.

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Kabal was my favorite to play as, but cant play as him that well in mk9 for some reason.

smoke and sektor were also my mains