Sees the Light, TRMK Community Wins!

Jeff Greeson

Staff member
First off, thank you to everyone who e-mailed <B>Midway</b> with your opinions about the injustice that was leaving <B>TRMK</b> off of their community websites section of <a href=""></a>.

<B>TRMK</B> is now listed on the Community section of the website and we are there because of you, our faithful readers. Thank you again for voicing your opinion and making <B>Midway</b> recognize that the <B>TRMK community</b> is a force that cannot be ignored.

This also brings up a good opportunity to mention our <a href="/about/linktrmk.php">Link to TRMK</a> page, featuring buttons and banners created by our community to link your website to <B>TRMK</b>. Check out their awesome work.