MKDA/MKD - unlock everything?


New member
Were there any codes/cheats to unlock everything in MKDA/MKD? Or do you have to play through the konquest/arcade modes? My xbox hard drive crashed, and I'd hate to have to redo everything...

I sincerely need help from all masters here..Please!
I encounter this problem on both PSP Unchained & PS2 Deception. I was able to get all alternate costumes for all characters except Kabal & Dairou! I completed Konquest but when I go back to Chaosrealm from Nexus, the transporter do not work anymore. I was unable to travel to anywhere in Chaosrealm at all. Is there anything I need to do or missed out? I never did most of the side-quests and only focus on the main line to complete Konquest.
Please help me. Thank you.