MKast To Return & Giveaway Mortal Kombat E3 T-Shirts!

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A few minutes ago <a href="">Mortal Kombat (2011)</a> Producer <b>Hector Sanchez</b> revealed that the official Mortal Kombat podcast, <a href="">MKast (iTunes Link)</a>, will be returning soon. There hasn't been a MKast since December 2008 shortly after <a href="">Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe</a> was released to stores. But thankfully we'll be back to hearing semi-regular updates in podcast form from the <a href="">NetherRealm Studios</a> gang. Hector didn't say when the new MKast will be available, but I don't think we'll be waiting too long for it.

To celebrate MKast's return, Hector has put some extra <b>Mortal Kombat E3 2010 T-Shirts</b> on the line for a giveaway that will only happen if the <a href="">Official Mortal Kombat Facebook page</a> reaches 85,000 fans. Seeing the page is already at just under 84,000 that shouldn't be an impossible feat.

If we can get to 85,000 fans on our <a href="">Facebook page</a>, I'll raffle a couple of t-shirts off to followers on our next MKast #mkastkonfirmed - <a href="">@hecterrific on Twitter</a>

Here are a few pictures of the T-Shirt from TRMK friend Dan Boczarski.

<center><img src=" Boczarski.JPG"/><br/>Front<br/><br/><img src=" Boczarski.JPG"/><br/>Back</center>

The T-Shirts are very rare, and were given out to those who got to sit through the Mortal Kombat Theatre demonstration at E3 2010 last week. The demonstration was so popular that they ran out of T-Shirts before the show even ended. Since E3 has ended only a few have made it to eBay, and one even <a href="">fetching a massive $102 price tag</a>! Luckily Hector saved a few for the fans out there.

So don't waste any time, go <a href="">Become a Fan of Mortal Kombat on Facebook</a> and be sure to tell your friends as well. Also don't forget you can Become a Fan of TRMK on Facebook as well at <a href=""></a>. We may have a similar contest brewing soon!

Update 12:00pm CST: We just need another 300 to <a href="">Become a Fan of Mortal Kombat on Facebook</a>. Come on readers, we can do it!

Update 6/29: The <a href="">Mortal Kombat Facebook page</a> has well over 88k fans now. Last week Hector updated his Twitter with a few more details about the contest:

Hey so re:shirts. waiting on a box of extras. once we hand some out to the team, i'll grab a few for y'all.

FYI: No Warner Bros. entity, including NetherRealm Studios and WB Games Inc., is a sponsor of or associated in any way with this giveaway.

So we just need to wait for MKast to get released for further details.
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Yeah. I seriously want one of those shirts! Hec should send me one for the '95 E3 link.
I have a feeling Dr DoggyStyle will be looking everywhere for these shirts.

Hooray for the return of MKast.
I won that shirt.. was a crazy price, but it is more difficult to come across one here in Malta. But I would not mind winning another one :) maybe signed by the Netherrealmers :)

I'd still prefer an MK hat. I wear hats all the time, but I only wear shirts once or twice every other week.