MKast Episode 8 and New Developer Blog Now Available!

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The next episode of MKast has been posted. This <a href="">week's episode</a> features special guests <b>Dave Pindara</b> (Environemnets & Technical Lead) and <b>Steve Beran</b> (Art Director). They talk about the look and feel of the games and how they went about creating what they feel is the best looking <b>Mortal Kombat</b> game ever. It's a pretty long discussion, so share your discoveries in the comments.

Also a new <a href="">Developers Blog</a> was posted by <b>Hector Sanchez</b>. This blog entry is entitled "Kombo Challenge" and details the implementing of <b>Achievements</b> and <b>Trophies</b> into the game this time around.

KOMBO CHALLENGE is inherently what the name implies: a series of challenging combos for each character. Upon selecting this mode, you will be given the option of choosing the character you would like to perform as, as well as choosing your opponent (awesome) and choosing your background (awesome).
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Very interesting updates, so go check them out.
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Hey, Pat! did you hear towards the end where Hector faltered when he was about to mention a new MK adventure game? Hopefully he isn't screwing with us...
Hey, Pat! did you hear towards the end where Hector faltered when he was about to mention a new MK adventure game? Hopefully he isn't screwing with us...

No I didn't, when the story went up I was only partially thru the game. That's great news if true, I'd love to play it!
Its no secret they have been working on it, if you've listened to past MKasts.

It's been teased and talked about as a possibility, and it makes a lot of sense because Midway wanted to keep having some MK game out once a year. I'd love to see it.
:mrgreen:Awesome MKast, yeah...we will definitely be seeing more MK Adventure games not a doubt in my mind

*crosses fingers they do an Ermac mythology or Raiden* would love to see the origins of both, how old they are.

Even Shang or Quan also I wouldn't mind seeing.
Ermac IIRC is no older than Shao Kahn, considering Shao Kahn made him. But there's no mention of when...that could easily put his history before MKM or Shang Tsung but not as far back as Raiden. The thing is, it would feel wierd playing as Raiden for an adventure game. He always seems like the guy with all the answers every time he's around, and if we were to take the helm we would have to get the answers from somewhere else and he wouldn't seem as all knowing as he usually does. So in a way, I'd prefer an Ermac adventure.
I want to see a Stryker/Nightwolf adventure set before and during the events of MK3.


I still think that is an awesome idea. MK: Defenders of the Earthrealm.

Why? Because its 2 of the most unliked, and underrated MK characters. :-D

I mean, after MK:SF, why couldnt they? Hmmm?
I actually wouldn't mind a Gears-style game starring Stryker during the MK3 invasion. After MKA, I liked Stryker a lot more.
I didn't, still don't, and if he EVER stars in an MK game it will be the first MK game I will never play.
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