Mk9 online ps3 problem connecting lobbies


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i have been having problems with mk9 being stuck on the connecting lobbies screen for a while i tryed it on my friends ps3 goes through fine. I even tryed my friends copy on my ps3 still does not work not sure what to do all my other games work fine online just mk9 is having this problem


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I've never once had problems and I'm PS3 MK9.

You bought your game brand new? Did you purchase/put in the code for your online pass?

Did you download all compatibiliity packs?(Shouldn't need this but doesn't hurt to DL them anyways)

How fast is your internet? who's your provider? and what is it? Cable?DSL?T1?

you said lobby so can you play ranked games ect?


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I deal with the same problems all the time. My wireless connection works fine but MK9 is always hit or miss for me. I DL the classic skin pack and it did nothing to remedy the problem I think it boils down to Gamespy and their servers. NRS needs to patch it but they won't. The best thing you can do is go into your network settings on your ps3 and manually enter your DNS ( It helps but it won't solve the problem entirely ) than reset your modem / router . hope it works for you.


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I've had the same problem since I moved into my new house. I finally figured out what the problem was.

My ISP for the new place gave me a Cisco modem that is also a router all in one. Every over game I tried online worked expect mk9. After
Much research, I learned that the NAT code your connected with has something to do with this.

I went into the router settings and changed it to 'bridge mode' so it disabled all routing and basically turned back into being just a modem. I then hooked it up to to my d-link router and voala! it worked.

I shoulda asked this first but is your modem one of those as well?


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might be we did buy a new router a few months ago at least it works on wireless so im not totally screwed and thanks for the info bucketfeet


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might be we did buy a new router a few months ago at least it works on wireless so im not totally screwed and thanks for the info bucketfeet

Did you guys find an answer to this? I am a senior Network Administrator and let me tell you that this one is a good one and here's a summary of my tests :

- Wireless works just fine, but it's not reliable
- Ethernet/wired won't work, no matter what you tried
- Problem is not coming from the router, but if it works on wireless, that one use the same security/fowarding for wireless or wired

- I have tried many things and monitor the network. Wireless or Wired always give back the same MAC address to the PS3.. normally it should be two different, meaning Sony is using a common hub in the PS3.

- All the previous game that I have tried, worked just fine, only Mortal Kombat (MK9) won't work on ETHERNET/WIRED (again works on wireless).

My understanding and conclusion; it's a programmation issue and has never been fixed at GameSpy/netherealm. It's really a concern because here in US/Canada if you buy a product and that doesn't work, the company has to fixed it or give you back your money. It's really strick because the game has been rated and doesn't respect the terms that you agreed for.

I don't know who has to fix this issue, but an update is needed and I will make sure to contact the company and update this forum.

Thanks and hope this can be fixed soon.