mk9 on the vita

Killer Ryno

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so i read that its basically confirmed mk9 will be on the vita and i was wondering what are your guys thoughts?

Im wondering if it will still have all the same content and everything that the normal version has. If it is identical to the console version, i would be forced to buy a vita :p


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mk9 on vita would be bad ass !
download new fighters via wifi and 3g would be bad ass to !.

i need proof its coming to vita


Robot Rock
I'll get a Vita when its been hacked.

I loved playing MK4 on my PSP, before my fatass friend sat on it :mad:


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It's Sony's new handheld. It has a touchscreen, dual analog sticks and 3G. Those are the only features I'm familiar with, I haven't kept up with everything about it. It looks nice, I'm not sure if I'll get one yet. I'm not a huge fan of the integration of touchscreens into gaming, and I'm not a huge handheld gamer anyway, I usually only use them on long car rides. If MK9 is on it I may go ahead and get it though, it is always nice to have something to play on road trips.


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I would buy the vita just for the game so I can train on the go... I couldn't play online because I have to get my game face on to play online with the likes of you guys!


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I'll have to start saving my money then. It sucks that Unchained is the only MK game on the psp.


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Well, I probably wouldn't buy it. It's rare that I ever buy more than one version of the same game, that is, unless they have significant changes.


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I'm planning on getting a Vita, so would love for MK9 to come to it! Would be great to train on the go, and MK is a perfect game for dipping in and out of when you have a break. Very excited about this!

Metal Overlord

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I wonder if the Vita version will have characters exclusive to it like Unchained (the PSP version of Deception) had.


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What would be good is if we could use the Vita as a portable PS3. Same game for the most part, and be able to transfer data to and from the systems so its like we can take the game anywhere we want. Ofcourse it will have a few extra features or secrets, but switching between the two wouldnt be a big difference. Maybe even exclusives unlockables for the Vita would be able to transfer to the PS3. Even more bad ass imo.