MK9 box art ?

pfft... that pic has been floating around on google image's for ages.. so obviously fake.
Yeah, I've seen it around before. There's still ages until release date. Box arts are always changing.
its just a temperary box art or a photoshop, most mortal kombat games box art doesnt have character on them, they only stick with MK dragon logo, more stylish.

off course it's BS... the game is due for 2011... even the MK Arcade collection box-art is not final...

I don't think WB will call it MK 9 neither...

Boon and Hec have both outright stated that its official title is "Mortal Kombat".
Calling it now: the official release will just have the dragon logo on the front, ala MK1 and the movie.

Also, they never show box art 7 months before the launch of a game, just for future reference.
IMO they should just go with