MK4 Stuff in Ultra Game Players?

Jeff Greeson

Staff member
The answer to this question is both yes and no. Yes, they have a page full of pictures and information about MK4. No, there's not one word nor one picture that has been said or seen anywhere else and a stale interview. To give you an example, one of their questions was, "Is MK4 really going to be 3D?" The MK4 pictures were the ones from the <A TARGET="_top" HREF="EDmk4avi.html">first AVI</A>. Ultra Game Players has always been characteristically late in hauling in the MK info. (they were 1 month late with a totally un-informative interview with Boon and Tobias back in April) I guess if you can put Sub-Zero on the front of any magazine, you're gonna sell some copies. Also, they're having a contest to give away a MK4 machine; however, to win you have to find some goofball in their July, August, and September issues. Go figure