MK4 reversal


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i was playing Mortal Kombat 4 the other day and was playing as SubZero against Liu Kang. I pulled a slide and then the FINISH HIM text came up. Instantly, my fighter keeps flashing his front and his back. i try to do a frontflip to the right and he goes left. Liu falls to the dirt and it sez that I won. then it shows the back of my victory pose and the camera moves to the upper-right corner and i can see the back of my head and my tunic and everything. this ever happen to anyone else?
Dude, the cameras in MK4 did all kinds of crazy shit, but I do seem to recall the particular problem you're talking about. I've also gotten the camera stuck behind a wall during a fatality more times than I can count, especially in MK Gold. The camera in that game was just... fucked.
I play MKGOLD and I've never had a camera reversal, however whenever I do Raidens fatality where he picks em up and shocks em to death, when they blow up their head flies in the are but it seems the ceiling is too low as their head goes up through it.