MK4 Fullscale Text FAQ Revision 9.0 Released

Jeff Greeson

Staff member
The "complete" revision of our Mortal Kombat 4 Weekly Fullscale Text FAQ, written by <a href="">The IceMaster</a>, is now available for download via <a href="moves/mk4/weeklyfaq/">The WWW</a>, <a href="">FTP</a>, and the <a href=""></a> USENET Newsgroup. It includes all the moves, Two Fatalities, the Prison Stage Fatality, and the Goro's Lair Stage Fatality, for each of the 15 characters in Arcade Revision 3. Any updates to this FAQ will either be minor corrections, any possible new discoveries, or the addition of new Combos. Send e-mail to <a href=""></a> if you have any such contributions. As always, you will be credited if your contributions are added to the following week's revision of the FAQ. Enjoy