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Help!!! My mk2 is messed up!! It goes to fast! the music,game, and characters go too fast. I can only beat 1 character like this. I gotta stop it!!
hm... i have to admit this version is different then the one on my computer. The one on mk:sm is harder, and had better graphics, also has unlimeted continues. The one on my PC is easy (i got all the way to kintarow without dieing) and then a lost at kintaro twice and it was a game over. Not many continues here. But i can't remeber what the original was like...
The original (arcade version) was very hard... I can complete MK2 on my SNES, but that's way easier than the Arcade.
I played as Jax and the only method of winning to me was either the round house kick, the lower version of it, and just ducking and punching the dude in the balls