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Part One
"Captain, we see a squad of Americans moving past our main line of defense. Do you need us to take them out?" A Japanese soldier whispered to his superior while they remained hidden in the jungle of Iwo Jima. The captain picked up a pair of binoculars, scanning the jungle's terrain for any invaders from their position. He saw a patch of trees rustling, past the main stand-off point against the American invasion. The captain looked back down to the soldier.
"No, you will remain here with the others. Those Americans will not take Iwo Jima. They even had the audacity to burn down my village, just to clear us out! They WILL feel the wrath of the Shirai Ryu!" With that, Captain Hanzo descended into the jungle, heading straight towards the advancing American squad.

Hanzo stopped right outside a clearing in the jungle. He hid behind a tree, watching the GIs stumble into the clearing. The clearing was also a small pond, about ankle deep in water. They spread out around the clearing.
"Keep your heads on a swivel, marines. This could be an ambush. You see a Jap, you open fire." They responded to the captain with a standard "Yes Sir!" Hanzo counted out a total of six troops. He looked down to his kunai, which was equipped with a special firing attachment. He could fire it and retract it with the push of a button. It was a gift from Germany. He slid the kunai into the contraption after tying it to the re-tractor. He held his pistol at his side, he wouldn't be able to take all of them out with his kunai. He took a step out of his hiding space, the shadows of the trees still gave him cover. He raised his arm, pointing it at the nearest American. He pushed the button on the side as the kunai soared at the man like a bullet. It impaled him in the shoulder as he started tugging on the string. Hanzo tugged back as the other soldiers started to panic.
"Get over here!" Hanzo yelled, pushing the button again. The American fell to the ground as it dragged him back towards Hanzo. He hoisted the wounded soldier up and walked him into the clearing after he disarmed him. He held his arm around the solider's neck, holding his pistol out at the other soldiers.
"Sarge, help me!" The wounded soldier begged.
"Let him go, you dirty Jap!" The soldiers started to surround Hanzo in a half-circle, aiming their rifles and machine guns at him. Hanzo was sure he was about to die for his country and clan as his options were quickly running out. Behind the leader, he could see a tiny piece of bamboo sticking out of the water. The water started to bubble where the stick was. A Japanese soldier then stood up out of the water. He held two katanas in his hands, turning towards the soldiers. His face was pale and sort of green. He also had an eerie smile as he approached the half-circle of five soldiers.
"We're not going to ask you again, Jap. Let him go or face the consequences!" Two of them started to laugh.
"I don't think he understands English." The rest of the crowd laughed as the mysterious savior stood right behind the leader. Hanzo's captive yelled out once he noticed him.
"Sarge! Behind you!" Before he could turn around, the two katanas were driven into his abdomen and then sliced out. Hanzo threw the captive to the ground, shooting the two to his left. Before the dismembered leader landed in the water, the savior threw both of his katanas at the other two soldiers, impaling them in their chests. He jumped over, gripping the handles and kicking off the dying marines. He turned back to Hanzo, swinging both of them in one circular motion. Hanzo bowed to him before asking who he was.
"Thank you. You saved my life. If you hadn't come along, I would have had to take my own." He said, checking his ammo reserves in his pack. He finally got to see that the lizard man wore pieces of a gillie suit on his normal uniform.
"Don't mention it. It's not everyday I get to come to the rescue of Scorpion himself!" Hanzo shook his head.
"That is merely the name I was given by my clan. I still go by Hanzo. What about you, stranger. What do they call you?" He laughed, sheathing his katanas onto his back.
"A lot of people call me Reptile. I forgot my real name, since I grew up without my mother or father. I do have a lot of brothers serving in the war with me. I was waiting for the perfect moment to strike. You came along and drew their attention." They both stood in silence for a few moments. Reptile yawned and pointed towards the mountain. "I saw more of them heading for that mountain. What do you propose we do, Captain?"

Part Two
Hanzo agreed with Reptile as they headed off. Reptile easily traversed through the jungle. Hanzo could get through, but not as quickly or as smoothly as Reptile. They stopped directly outside one of the main roads. Both of them got on their stomachs. The American force was larger than the one they dispatched earlier. They marched up the dirt road, heading straight for the mountain top. Hanzo elbowed Reptile while they watched them walk by.
"I think we should go a different direction. There is to many to fight on our own." Reptile looked back up to the crowd of GIs.
"You're the higher rank, Captain."

Both of them made their way away from the approaching Americans. This time, Reptile was following Hanzo through the jungle. The morning sun still shined through the trees as they trudged through the jungle. Other Japanese soldiers passed by them as they were trying to regroup.
"I hate to say this, my friend." Hanzo said. Reptile jogged to catch up with him.
"What is it?"
"Iwo Jima is lost. The American forces are just to numerous. We will all eventually be wiped out if we don't escape."
"What do you think we should do? Swim off the island like cowards?" Hanzo shook his head, laughing.
"We do the honorable thing, get our leader off the island." Reptile looked back towards the mountain.
"I thought he was stationed at the top of the mountain, along with the rest the officers?"
"It is meant to be a trick. The Americans will lead all their forces to the top of the mountain. The general is in a small bunker at the other end of the island." Reptile nodded as they kept running through the jungle.

After a couple hours of running and dodging American troops, the two finally reached the other end of the island. They stopped outside the clearing. Reptile looked over what he saw and laughed.
"Some "bunker" he decided to stay in." Hanzo shook his head.
"Alright, he is in the ruins of a palace. Not what I expected either."
"You never actually reported here?"
"I always received my orders from the radio. I spent two weeks in the jungles readying my troops for defense."

They walked out of the jungle as they approached the main gates. Two soldiers appeared behind columns in front of the gate. They immediately opened fire with their Type 100s. Hanzo and Reptile dove behind the outer walls for cover.
"Stay back you American pigs!"
"Go back to your own country!" The two assailants yelled, still shooting around Hanzo and Reptile. Hanzo peeked around one of the corners. of the outer wall. Both of the soldiers wore blue arm-bands and head-bands. Their hair was spiked up and their faces were covered by blue masks.
"Cease fire! We are not Americans!" Hanzo yelled out.
"Prove it!" One of them yelled. Hanzo looked back over at Reptile on the other side of the outer wall. He shrugged his shoulders, keeping an eye on the jungle.
"We know the general is held up in this station! It is a trick against the Americans!" The shooting finally stopped. Hanzo stood up, looking at the two standing by the columns. They appeared to be brothers. "I am Captain Hanzo Hasashi. My friend Reptile and I seek the general." Hanzo started walking towards the two other soldiers. Reptile quickly jumped up and followed him. They bowed to each other at the gates. The eldest brother spoke first.
"I am Bi-Han. This is my brother, Kuai Liang. We were both ordered to defend these gates with our lives." Hanzo nodded as he stepped forward. Bi-Han stopped him. "We were also ordered not to let anyone inside." Hanzo looked back over at Reptile. He shrugged his shoulders. Hanzo looked back at Bi-Han.
"This is an emergency. We have to get the General out of here, right now."
"What's the rush?" Kuai Liang said. Hanzo turned, pointing at the mountain that stood out over the jungle canopy.
"American forces are taking our main line of defense as we speak. It will not be long before they are down here. They will kill all of us if we do nothing." The two brothers looked at each other, then back at Hanzo.
"Alright, I guess you're right. We haven't gotten much word out here anyway." Bi-Han said, opening the gate. All four of them filed inside.
Part Three
Bi-Han led the group through the ruins of the palace. Hanzo couldn't help but admire the endurance of the old building. He could tell it was really old, but still standing. There was also a small amount of Japanese soldiers running through the halls. They were preparing for the American sweep that would be coming through at any minute.
Bi-Han led them higher and higher up into the palace, to the top floor. Kuai ran up so he could whisper to his brother. Bi-Han nodded at him without saying anything. Reptile pulled Hanzo back a little bit.
"My friend, I think I sense a trap." He whispered in his ear. Hanzo shook his head.
"Why do you say that? We're just going to get the General and run for the docks before the Americans show up." The group reached the top floor of the building. The last floor was empty except for the windows that showed the island to those inside. Hanzo looked around the room, then at Bi-Han. Kuai seemed to be confused as well.
"Brother, why have you led them up here? Both of us know the General is below ground in the storage area." Bi-Han turned back to the group, pointing his Type-100 at Hanzo. Liang quickly drew his own weapon as Hanzo pulled out his pistol. Reptile pulled out the Arisaka he was carrying. Hanzo, Reptile, and Liang were confused at Bi-Han's actions.
"What did I tell you?" Reptile said, aiming his rifle sights at Bi-Han's forehead.
"Yeah, you said it would be a trap."
"Both of you, shut up!" Bi-Han shouted. Everyone focused on him again.

"If you three must know, the Americans pay better. And I came to them by my own will." Bi-Han started to explain.
"You dishonor your country for money, brother?" Liang asked, trying to figure out why his brother was pointing a gun at him.
"I did not choose dishonor! I chose life! You do not realize that our side is losing, I did the smart thing and joined with the Americans."
"How is that going to help you?" Hanzo said. "You're completely out-gunned. You will die before you have a chance to pull the trigger!" Bi-Han started laughing.
"Do you really think I was unprepared for this?" He pulled out a remote from his pocket. All three of them stared at it, realizing what it was. "Brother, you wouldn't." Liang said.
"I push down this detonator, the entire building goes up. I've rigged this building with enough explosives to kill ANYONE unlucky enough to be in the blast zone. The Americans will be drawn to the blast and kill everyone who sur-" Suddenly, he was cut off from a bullet to the forehead. Reptile slung his rifle back onto his shoulder. Hanzo and Liang looked back at him, then to the body. Hanzo ran over to the body, picking up the detonator.
"My apologies. I couldn't take his monologue. It figured it would take him to long to blow himself up with the building, so I put him out of his misery." Hanzo laughed a little bit, seeing Liang walk over to his dead brother. He crouched down next to him, closing his eyes and taking the gun out of his hand. He took the ammo out and got all of Bi-Han's grenades. He stashed them then proceeded to take off his blue headband and arm band. He laid them on top of his brother's chest. Hanzo and Reptile watched him pull up a black hood and mask. He stood up, looking back at Hanzo and Reptile.
"Thank you, Reptile. You saved our lives, but killed the Sub-Zero brothers in the process."
Hanzo looked at him, confused.
"You're still here. Reptile had to kill your brother before he killed all of us." Liang nodded. His mask covered most of his eyes while the mask covered the rest of his face.
"Kuai Liang and Bi-Han died today. Noob Saibot leaves in their wake." He walked past both of them, signaling them to follow. "Come, we must find General Tsung before the Americans arrive."

Part Four
Saibot quickly led Hanzo and Reptile through the palace after they dealt with Bi-Han and his betrayal. Kuai Liang seemed to be completely un-phased by his brother's death. He just led on in silence heading farther down the palace ruins. Hanzo had to whisper to Reptile, trying not to disturb Saibot while he led them.
"You could have at least warned us you were going to do that." Reptile laughed.
"And end up burned alive in an explosion? No thank you, my friend. I caught him off guard when he was vulnerable." Hanzo nodded at his reasoning as they continued through the halls. They quickly realized there were less soldiers moving through the halls. Saibot must have known what Hanzo was thinking.
"They're all headed out. They're taking defensive positions around the palace. The Americans will be here any minute. Come, Tsung must be escorted out of here, now."

After a couple more minutes of walking and descending into two or three basement levels, the three saw a door with two soldiers guarding it. They saw Saibot and bowed to him, moving out of the way. He nodded as he pushed the door open. Hanzo and Reptile quickly followed inside. Reptile kept the door opened as Saibot approached the desk in the middle of the room. There was chalk-boards and different machinery all over the room. The room was dark except for a couple lamps and the light that kept Tsung's desk lit up. Saibot stopped in front of the desk, Hanzo stopping next to him. They bowed to him as Tsung looked up at them. He appeared as an old man, with traditional facial hair. All his hair was gray, but his eyes were stern and focused on Saibot. He stood up.
"What are you doing here, soldier? Everyone was given direct orders to go defend this base." He demanded. Saibot did not break eye contact as he responded.
"We have come to evacuate you, sir. The base is lost, so is the entire island."
"Lost? Boy, we are in perfect shape. No amount of American forces can break our defenses." Hanzo spoke up next. He felt like a child who had disobeyed his father when he started the argument. It had to be done.
"I just saw most of the island crawling with American forces, sir. They already took over the mountain base. We must get you to a boat and back to the mainland." General Tsung did not seem happy with the proposition.
"And what makes you so sure," He glanced over the ranking on Hanzo's shoulder, "Captain?" Hanzo took a deep breath.
"I know the ways of our people, General. You're an honorable tactician and I know our orders if we are cornered."
"You take your own life. If you are taken prisoner, you are not a real man. That is what I plan to do IF we cannot hold the Americans." Hanzo was getting upset. Saibot could see it in his eyes.
"Sir! You don't have to kill yourself! You have a family and country that needs you! What good will you be to them with a grenade in your chest or a bullet in your head?" Tsung stared at him, his face did not change. Hanzo could not tell if he was angry or pissed. Maybe both. He bowed his head, then looked around the room. He then looked back at Hanzo.
"You speak words that can move mountains, Captain. I will go with you, but we need a way to cover our plans. We can't bring all of this with us." Hanzo looked over at Saibot. He shook his head. Reptile suddenly walked up between them. He was holding the detonator that was wired to destroy the building.
"I think we have the way to burn our presence out of here." Tsung looked at the detonator and smiled. He called his guards in.
"You two, go ready a vessel. We will be out shortly."
Part Five
The group quickly hurried out of the palace ruins as the soldiers out front started screaming orders at each other. Tsung could see bullets and grenades flying over the walls of the palace.
"We must hurry. There is a sub already waiting to deploy." Hanzo and Reptile readied their weapons as Noob stayed behind. They ran towards the dock before stopping and seeing him behind. Hanzo called out.
"Saibot, what are you doing?" He looked back, holding the detonator.
"You two must get him out of here. I can give you enough time to escape. It's the least I can do to repay you for stopping my brother." Hanzo was hesitant on letting him stay, as if Noob didn't hear a word he said to General Tsung. He took a deep breath, then nodded.
"Don't make us regret leaving you." He finally said under the gunfire and explosions that filled the air. Noob nodded, running back towards the palace. Reptile shook his head.
"That's the most hypocritical thing I've ever seen, Hanzo." Reptile said as they kept running towards the docks. They could see the sub sitting in the water next to the dock. Tsung was already across the wooden planks and getting into the metal submersible.
"He lost his brother and he is doing what he thinks is best. If he was just staying to "defend his country" I would have had a problem. Just get in the damn sub and we'll talk about it later when we have time."

Hanzo and Reptile climbed down the ladder into the sub's innards. They stopped at the command deck and followed Sung to the control room. All three of them reached the room as a red light started flashing. Tsung immediately started yelling orders to the soldiers at the controls.
"Hydro, I want this bu under way immediately! We have American forces moving in quickly and we need to move, now!" The man sitting at the steering and sonar controls nodded with a grin.
"Aye aye, General." He reached for the announcer. "Alright everyone! Take this tank under! Set a course for our aircraft carrier, a few miles off the coast of Japan." Hanzo and Reptile stood next to Tsung as the sub started to sink into the water. There was a loud explosion outside the sub that violently rocked it in the water. Hanzo bowed his head as they sub continued to descend.
"Hydro, do you know if we are targets for American torpedoes?" Tsung asked the captain of the sub.
"Nothing we need to worry about, sir. The American ships are on the other side of the island and won't be able to catch us leaving. We will be fine." Hanzo couldn't help but notice the Hydro looked familiar to Liang and his brother. He wore a similar arm band but it was a darker blue, like water. He also had a cheerier attitude than them. He shook it off as he found somewhere to sit as the sub started speeding away from Iwo Jima.


Part One
"They invaded our country with no thought of the treaty Hitler violated. They came in and attacked Stalingrad, yet we trusted them. Stalin has ordered that every red soldier in the army to push them back into their own country. The Germans were not wise to do this, and we will show them why it is not healthy to invade the motherland!"

Three Russian soldiers moved through the destroyed buildings and charred remains of Russian civilians. The Germans invaded Stalingrad by surprise, ultimately ending the treaty Hitler and Stalin made together. The three soldiers had gathered after the main force swooped in, killing everything; Sgt. Kabal, Pvt. Stryker, and Pvt. Carlton were the only survivors. They were headed through the German infested city to regroup with the rest of the Russian forces. Kabal carried a trench-gun and a sawed-off shotgun. Stryker carried with him two pistols he managed to keep ever since he was deployed. Carlton carried his scoped SVT rifle.

They moved through the streets, trying to make their way to Stalingrad's capitol building. Kabal wasn't stupid, they had to travel through the buildings to avoid the German patrols. The squad had just arrived at a large hotel. Carlton spoke up.
"Comrade. Maybe we should investigate this building." He said to Kabal. He turned. Kabal had on a helmet, plus a breathing mask that covered his whole face. He was a brilliant soldier, but had a serious lung condition. He had to wear a respirator on his back to keep him alive. He looked like some kind of machine to the rest of the squad. He wasn't old, and some lung problem wasn't going to keep Kabal out of the fight for his country. He was also extremely conditioned, so he could run at an abnormally faster pace. Kabal used that to his advantage and carried to shotguns to maximize his skills.
"Private, for all we know, there could be a swarm of Germans in there." He said through the mask. Stryker looked at the building next.
"We are going to catch them off-guard. Plus, the top will be an obvious sniping position for the street ahead of us." Stryker said. Kabal thought about it for a second, then nodded.
"Alright, we secure the building. We cannot stay for long, they will probably send more Germans after us if you two are right."
Part Two
Sgt. Kabal quickly made his way to the front door, ahead of the squad. He stacked up on the right side and signaled for Stryker to do the same. The private quickly scrambled up the stairs and positioned himself on the other side of the doorway. Sgt. Kabal then ushered a hand signal to Carlton, for him to stay prone at the top of the stairs. Carlton obeyed, making his way to the top of the stairs, laying down, and pulling out his SVT. Sgt. Kabal looked at the squad, then at the door. He lightly gripped the handle, then took another glance around.
"You two are going to stay on me. If we can get inside without alerting anyone, we can avoid a fight."
"But that's what these German pigs came for!" Stryker said.
"Hey, why don't you listen to the sergeant, comrade?" Carlton spoke up while he was positioning his weapon on the stairwell. His comment kept Stryker's mouth shut. The two of them looked at Sgt. Kabal and nodded. Sgt. Kabal put his hand back on the door handle. He nodded his head once, then tightened his grip on the handle. He nodded his head a second time, then pulled out his combat knife. He paused for a second, then quickly nodded the third time. He quickly slipped inside the building as Stryker followed. The two of them stopped dead. The lobby had at least thirty German soldiers inside, looting and ransacking the place. Sgt. Kabal ran to the stairwell, dragging Stryker behind him.
"Damnit." Sgt. Kabal said as he pulled Stryker up the first stairwell and onto the second floor.
"Sir, we forgot Johnny!" Stryker said as Sgt. Kabal tossed him into the hallway. Sgt. Kabal headed for the center room of the hallway and pushed the door in. Stryker ran up and stacked on the door, keeping an eye on the stairwell. Sgt. Kabal ran over to the room's window and pushed it open. The night air rushed inside as the clock-work squad leader peered over the windowsill.
"Ah, Sergeant. I thought you had forgotten about me!" Carlton quietly said when he saw Sgt. Kabal's head poke out of the window.
"Private, the lobby is full of them! You can't get in through the front. Stryker and I got lucky." Carlton picked himself off the stairwell and slung his rifle onto his back. He looked up and crossed his arms.
"Or Repunzle, Repunzle. Let down your hair." Carlton said. Sgt. Kabal didn't understand.
"Damnit, comrade. This is no time for nursery rhymes! Go try the ba-" Then it hit him. He looked over at Stryker.
"What is it, sir?" He asked. Stryker didn't feel easy when the moonlight silhouetted his sergeants respirator and visage. It was like something straight out of Frankenstein.
"Get as many bedsheets from this floor as you can. Repunzle is going to let down her hair."
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Part Three
Stryker immediately ran to the surrounding rooms, gathering all the bedsheets he could. Sgt. Kabal walked over to the hall's exit to keep an eye on the Germans in the lobby. He crouched down and made his way to a good view point from the stairwell. The light from the lobby marked his end. He stopped before the light and peeked around the corner. The enemy before him had no idea of the entry made by him and Stryker. He started counting out the number of Germans. The sound of Stryker's footsteps were making him uneasy as he finished his count. He was tempted to go up and toss Stryker out the window for being carless.
"That is what Father Stalin would do." He whispered to himself. He paused, then looked down at his weapon. Then he laughed. "I'm not Stalin, either." Sgt. Kabal drew his curved knives he had hidden in his trench coat. He crept down the stairs then kept to the wall. Two loud foosteps echoed from above, Stryker getting himself ready to hold the sheets. Sgt. Kabal crept over to the side of the wall, none of the troops had seen him yet. He stopped before stepping out into the open lobby. He reached inside his coat and found two gas bombs he could use. His respirator would protect him from the fumes and he could kill all twenty of the soldiers before they knew what happened.
"Not another step, Russisch schwein." Sgt. Kabal felt the barrel of a Gewehr rifle on the back of his head. He slowly turned around and looked at the German who caught him.
"When did you see me?" He asked. The German spit on Kabal's boot.
"The moment you came in." Before the German had a chance to fire, Sgt. Kabal slipped around the rifle and dug his knife into the man's neck. He pulled him into the shadows, holding his mouth closed. He cut him again, this time across the larynx to keep him from yelling. He shrugged the body off and looked back at the lobby. He pulled out the gas bombs again, then heard footsteps coming down the stairwell. Carlton and Stryker looked down at the corpse, then back up at Sgt. Kabal.
"Do you need our help?" Carlton asked. He shook his head, holding up the gas bombs.
"You might want to stand clear, comrade."