MK vs. DC Universe 2

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Ben Widman

Post your ideas for character moves, and fatalities for a sequel to MK VS. dc universe
use at least 4 fatalities per character.
The first to fatalities t-rated and the last two m-rated.
and don't forget heroic brutalities or something different heroic fatalities.


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Raiden's M rated fatality...

Raiden teleports to the headquarters of NRS and punches Ed Boon in the face really hard then holds him up and says,

'What the **** is the matter with you making another shit crossover game? Don't you realise no one wants this crap?!'

Then Raiden electrocutes Boon and he explodes into a million pieces.


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Please, no MK vs DC 2 ever. Although NRS developing a standalone DC fighting game could be pretty cool.
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