MK vs DC Comic-Con 2008 Q+A Panel Announced

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Midway announced today that at <a href="">Comic-Con 2008</a>, MK co-creator Ed Boon and DC comics writer Jimmy Palmiotti will be hosting a <a href="">Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe</a>
panel. Comic-Con is in San Diego, CA from July 24-27th in San Diego, CA. The MK vs DC panel will be on July 25th from 11:15AM-12:15PM. Here is more information from the press release.
Worlds Collide: The Making of Midway's Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe - Ed Boon (Mortal Kombat) and Jimmy Palmiotti (Painkiller Jane) discuss how two billion-dollar entertainment franchises collide as Mortal Kombat warriors battle DC superheroes for the first time ever in this highly anticipated video game. Join Ed Boon and Jimmy Palmiotti for an exclusive look at never-before-seen gameplay, the unveiling of key characters on the game's roster, as well as a Q&A session for Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe! All panel attendees will receive an exclusive, limited edition Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe Comic-con 2008 poster. Friday, July 25th 11:15AM - 12:15PM, Room 6B
Check out more coverage of <a href="">Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe</a>, including an <a href="">in-depth interview with Ed Boon</a> and the full theatrical trailer available in <b>720p HD</b> in our <a href="">Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe GameRealm</a>.
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A photograph of the poster would be nice for us "chumbs" who can't make it.

Wait... DC is involved... Enter the "Are Superman, Batman and Wonder woman Skrulls?" dumb questions again.
That's one of my friend's birthday.

7 days after mine....but I'd rather they take their time with it and not rush it out (a la MK:A).

But i grew more anxious everyday.

I really REALLY hope this plays as well as it looks from the screens we've seen. But like I've said before, MK has never had a problem in the visual department. Every MK has looked great.:)
Who cares on the date, reguardless I live in the uk and won't see it possibly for another 6 months or so. T_T
Who cares on the date, reguardless I live in the uk and won't see it possibly for another 6 months or so. T_T has it as 28th November. We had Armageddon at the same time as the US, so I don't see why we wouldn't have this. Deception was only a month later. It doesn't really happen nowadays though.
Hey Patrick, are you guys going to cover the whole thing at E3 like before? Cause I haven't read anything about it.
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