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Might as well start this back up again to get this board rolling. OK, the premise of the game is that I will start off by asking a question (relating to Mortal Kombat of course) and the next poster or posters will answer and see if they get it right. The poster with the correct answer will then ask another question and the cycle continues. Last time this was played was back in 2006 so I'm expecting some new material in regards to MK vs. DC.

OK, everyone got that? Let's begin with an easy one.

What was the only MK game to feature a points-based system?
Points-based? As in what? Shaolin Monks had experience "points" does that count? And all the old-school MK games gave you a score based on performance. Remember Reptile saying 1,000,000 points to whoever defeats me? Be more specific.
It's MK1. That's the only MK fighting game I know of that actually had points above the life bars.

Which character was revealed to be the elder Sub-Zero in MK Deception?
10 missions per character excluding Blaze/Mokap plus 8 intro missions.

What was Sub-Zero requested to steal for Quan-Chi? By name please.
10 missions per character excluding Blaze/Mokap plus 8 intro missions.

What was Sub-Zero requested to steal for Quan-Chi? By name please.

Shinnok's amulet.

Name the only game in the MK series where Classic Sub-Zero/Noob Saibot did NOT appear.
Unless you're counting Tournament Edition, then it'd be Deadly Alliance. If you're not, Special Forces.

The Kamidogu were created to stop WHAT?
Actually I was talking about the map in the beginning...forgot to be specific. To answer Sapphire, they weren't created to stop anything, they are the shattered consciousness of the One Being. They were hidden in order to stop his resurrection.

My turn again. What was the purpose of Nightwolf's training in MKD Konquest?
The purpose of Nightwolf's training is to cleanse the evil within Shujinko's soul.

Which fatality has appeared in the most games?
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It's either the spine rip or Toasty, I can't decide.

I'll go with Toasty (please respond back. I'm not going to post a question b/c I could be wrong).
It's not Spine Rip. That was in MK1, MKD (Scorpion did it), MKM, and MKSM iirc. Toasty has been in MK1, MK2, MK3, MK4, MKSM, and MKvDC, again iirc. So I'd say Toasty is a good answer.
Actually, I'm thinking it's the Kiss of Death. Sonya had it in MK1, Kitana in MK2, both in MK3, Tanya, Sonya and Kitana in MK4/Gold, Sonya and Kitana in DA, Kitana in SM, both again in MK vs. DC. That's if the fatality in question isn't intended to be character-specific.
But not all of those "kiss of death"s are the same "kiss of death". Some of them involve an actual kiss, but others are just blowing dust. Do those count as the same fatality? Because if not you've got to divide up that count there.
Well, they're each referred to as the "kiss of death", so I guess it depends on how technical you want to get. Apparently, as simple as the question was, it's almost too vague in a way, so let's just say it's either Scorp's toasty or Kitana's kiss, each of which have the same number of appearances. I'll just keep this moving so we don't have to wait for Indigo to check our answers.

New question: since I can't think of anything more complex at the moment, what was the name of Scorpion before his rebirth in hell?
Originally I thought it was the spine rip, but the toasty has appeared just as often as the spine rip (which also appeared in MK4 and UMK3 [albeit with a bullshit censor]), and some tallying reveals that it was in fact the Kiss of Death. :-?

Answer to RIPLIUKANG'S question is Error Macro.

Name the actors who portrayed the ninjas in the 2D MKs.
Daniel Pesina in MK1 and 2, John Turk in MK3. If you want the female and cyber-ninjas too, that'd be Katalin Zamiar for the females in MK2, Becky Gable in MK3, and Sal Divita for the cyborgs.

Two parter: In MK2 and 3, who portrayed Shao Kahn on-screen, and who supplied his voice?