MK Trilogy Question re: Kitana


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When Kitana escapes from Shao Kahn and he sends Reptile and Jade after her, does anyone know where they catch up with her in Earthrealm and what actually happens. I know Jade thwarts Reptiles assassination attempt, but I just need to know how.

Jade finds her and they fight, then Kitana convinces Jade that they had been decieved. When Reptile arrives Jade fights him while Kitana de-evils Sindel. That's what happened to the best of my knowledge.
What I want to know is, if that's what happened in MK3, then what was Jade doing in MKII? Was she working with Kitana who was still working with Shao Kahn? Or were they working together to betray him as far back as that?
i think that was sort of between 2 and 3. In 2 both were working for Kahn, but Kitana was secretly aiding Earthrealm
Yeah I think thats right.

Kitana knew the truth about her past and was trying to bring down Shao Kahn's reign from the inside by liasing with Liu Kang (although it was stated that she helping the 'Earthrealm warriors' it seems more likely that it was direct with Liu Kang), but she didn't let anyone know she knew, including Jade who was oblivious to the truth about Edenia.

Mileena found out about Kitana and the 'Earthrealm warriors' being in cahoots, Kitana killed Mileena, Kitana was imprisoned for her treachery but escaped so Shao Kahn sent Reptile and Jade after her.

Does anyone have any further views on this?
it was shao kahn who sent jade and reptile to bring her back alive. though in mortal kombat II kitana was an assassin and mileena was the clone of her created by shang tsung at that time kitana was suppose to try and destory her step father shao kahn. sindel, her mother wasn't mentioned until the third game.
Yea I get that Sindel wasn't a factor in MKII, but the thing I want to know about is what Jade is doing in MKII. I guess we can only assume she's working as an assassin just like Kitana and Mileena. But it's very ambiguous in MK3 about whether or not Jade takes on her mission knowing Kitana's intentions or not. Which makes me think maybe she was working with Kitana the whole time.
says on 'pedia that Jade was Shao Kahn's back up plan, in case his warriors lost to earthrealm. Once the fighters are wearied from fighting Baraka et al, Jade comes in and gets medieval. But that's just an assumed theory.