mk trilogy and umk3


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dude i am so pissed off at sub zero's spine rip on these 2's fucking censored! and scorpions gangup one where a bunch of clones jump up from the screen kill the opponent with a censor there too!
fuck.a real parent's treat.who cares if the kids want to rip off someone's head? let em do it! ok well is there any secret way to block those censors on those two fatalities? i mean they can show a body getting mutilated but they can't show sub ripping someones head off? let me know somebody.
If I remember correctly, they were just too lazy to animate those fatalities for every character, so they just blacked them out...they're not actually censored a game like MK, I can't believe you even thought that they would actually censor anything. It made me mad too but hey, we all live to breathe another day.