"MK: The Metal Age" Artworks. No A.I

Early designs of MK: The Metal Age Logos.

First version was... cheap and flat. I attempted to create a metal look for the logo, to add that edginess factor, but all I did was add a fancy texture on the original logo.
Mortal Kombat Lore Logo Resize.png
Then I did the "The Last" Logo (before I changed the project's name to "The Metal Age"), I decided that Instead of super detailed fancy metal look, I will take a more simplistic route. While the logo looked much, much better. I still wasn't fully sold onto it. It still felt like a cheap retrace and didn't sell the theme for me.

MK The Last Base Logo 7.pngMK Logo Render 6 Resize.png

Finally, after few different attempts, dragon skull references and looking up some Artbooks, I came up with the design, that I was happy with. The final MK: The Metal Age look. A design version I could even call my own.

MK The Metal Age Logo Resize.png

Simple enough, looks amazing in 3D environment (almost like an archeological find) and represents exactly what I have in mind.

MK The Metal Age Logo Wallpaper 1 Resize.png
Skarlet design progression. From top to bottom. I am almost done with her, but she still needs some refinement.

Skarlet Detailed Torso 2 Resize.png
Skarlet Concept Art Alt Resize.png
Skarlet Wallpaper V2 Resize.png
Skarlet Blood Rain Wallpaper Resize.png

And her current final design.

Skarlet Body Sheet Resize.png
Skarlet Mian Concept Art 1 Resize.png
Skarlet Core Concept 1.pngSkarlet Core Concept 2.png