MK Special Forces PlayStation Still Underway

Jeff Greeson

Staff member
<B>TRMK</B> has been informed that <STRONG>Mortal Kombat Special Forces</STRONG> is still under development for <B>Sony PlayStaion</B>. Despite many reporting that the total demise of <STRONG>Mortal Kombat Special Forces</STRONG> came with the cancellation of the <B>Nintendo64</B> version, the <B>PlayStation</B> version is still alive and significantly better than before. Ever since the depature of the game's main developers, <STRONG>MKSF</STRONG> has endured a major overhaul. For instance, back when <STRONG>MKSF</STRONG> was being developed for both <B>N64</B> and <B>PSX</B>, the cinematic cut scenes were real-time scripted sequences in order to keep parity between both versions. Now that the <B>N64</B> version has been cancelled, <B>full motion video cut scenes</B> now replace the scripted sequences. In addition to FMVs, significant changes have been made to the camera system, the in-game fighting system has been drastically improved, and special effects have been upgraded. With these new changes come more development time. <STRONG>Mortal Kombat Special Forces</STRONG> has indefinitely been delayed from its last known release date of <B>Spring 2000</B>.