MK: Special Forces Interview

Jeff Greeson

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<A HREF="" TARGET="_parent">IGN64</A> has posted an <A HREF="">interview</A> with <B>John Tobias</B> about the latest addition to the <B>Mortal Kombat</B> saga, <B>Mortal Kombat: Special Forces</B>. <B>MK: Special Forces</B> is the follow up 3D action/adventure game to <B>MK Mythologies: Sub-Zero</B>. Here is a little blurb from the interview.</UL><CENTER><TABLE BORDER=0><TR><TD WIDTH="450"><FONT COLOR="#FF8000"><B>IGN64: How does MK: Special Forces compare to past MK incarnations? Is it more story-based a la MK Mythologies or is it a fighter?</B>
Tobias: It's not much like Mythologies, which was in essence a side-scroller. The pacing of Mythologies was more based on throwing enemies at the player. And there were real simple exploration elements; you know, find a key here, pick it up and go find the door that it opens.</P>
Special Forces is a little bit different in that, because you are actually traversing in a true 3D environment, we can sort of slow the pacing down a bit. We don’t have to constantly throw enemies at the player. MK Mythologies was set up so it was a trial and error thing – you try something, you die, you go back and try something else. This one isn’t based around this at all. It's different in that sense. There is still a large exploration element, there is still a large fighting element to the game, quite obviously because it’s a Mortal Kombat title. I’d say right now we're about 40-50% exploration and the rest is fighting. Of course, that can change a lot as we’re real early in development. Who knows what it's going to end up as?