MK: Special Forces Character Sketches

Jeff Greeson

Staff member
<A HREF="" TARGET="_parent"></A> scored a couple of <A HREF="" TARGET="_parent">sketches</A> from <B>John Tobias</B> of <B>Jax</B> and <B>Sonya</B>, showing off potential costumes they will be wearing in <B>Mortal Kombat: Special Forces</B>. What makes these sketches interesting is that Jax has his robotic arm implants. According to the <B>MK</B> storyline, Jax had the arm implants after MK2 in order to prepare for the invasion of Earth that occured in MK3. From what we've heard about <B>MK:SF</B> the storyline is supposed to outline the travels of <B>Sonya</B> and <B>Jax</B> and their conflicts with the <B>Black Dragon</B>. However, these conflicts occured before and up to the tournament in the first Mortal Kombat. After this tournament, <B>Sonya</B> and <B>Jax</B> became entangled with <B>Shang Tsung</B> and <B>Shao Kahn</B> and focused their attention towards them which then resulted in <B>Jax</B> getting arm implants. So hopefully <B>MK: Special Forces</B> will keep the robotic arm implants off of <B>Jax</B> up until the invasion of Earth by <B>Shao Kahn</B>, in order to be consistent with the <B>Mortal Kombat</B> storyline.