MK Regular Characters

Just about every character from MK1 and MK2 have become "regulars." Many of the characters from MK3 (and UMK3) are also popular regulars.

However, with the exception of Quan Chi, post-MK4 characters have not been featured in more than one game (excluding compilations like MKArmageddon). And though, characters like Bo'Rai'Cho and Li Mei were featured in both MK5 and MK6, it wasn't because they won a popularity contest.

My question is, what "non-regular" characters do you think have the potential to become regular characters, featured in just about every MK game?

THIS IS NOT, which non-popular characters do you like?


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Quan Chi, Shinok, Kenshi, Havik, Sareena, Tanya, Frost and maybe Hotaru....Assuming they give the latter ones decent storylines, unique moves and a good design I reckon these lot have a lot of potential in my opinion

In order:
1 - Quan Chi
2 - Havik
3 - Frost
4 - Shinok
5 - KenShi
6 - Sareena
7 - Tanya
8 - Hotaru

I didn't mind the MK4 characters and I hope they make some appearances in the future but I really didn't like the rest of the Post-MK4 characters (Except Onaga maybe)

Tenkai Hayabusa

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Deff Fujin as another god if his story is further developed.
Both Hotaru and Havik have great potential, again for their stories to be redone (check out the threads Rebuilding Hotaru and Rebuilding Havik...did the stories myself ;) )
Deff Kenshi as well as he represents the ronin samurai persona of MK :)
Nitara could also work well in my opinion as she has a pretty unique character.
The above characters were the ones that first came immediately to my head...
Jade- her popularity has really grown since her MK9 unravel. I think she will become featured nearly as much as Kitana and Mileena.

Kabal, Sindel, and especially Ermac, are becoming "klassic" characters.

Kenshi- the exception to my above post about MK5 characters in MK6 not being very popular. I think Kenshi is one of the most original characters they have and is already becoming some-what of a regular.

Havik- someone said he was the Joker of MK. A dark, chaotic anarchist with a sick sense of humor, I think he has a lot of potential.

Kira- Being a FEMALE black dragon member, she has a lot of potential. She's already like Sonya, and I think they could do a storyline where she is Sonya's lost lost sister, who joined the Black Dragon. She could be Kabal's girl until he is scarred, so she switches to Kano, causing a rift between the two. Or originally she was with the Red Dragon and Mavado until she switched to Black Dragon and Kano... etc.
Quan Chi - story influence
Shinnok - same, plus make him a badass boss on the same game power level with Shao (if he's back in storyline for MK10)
Fujin - has potential
Kenshi - same
Frost - has more story potential now...