MK Online 'Community' Saltier Than SF


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Controversial title, but I'm finding it to be true.

I played SF a lot for a long while a year or so ago, but as a game I much prefer MK. I think SF is probably more 'pro' in that there are more normals and more complex possibilities because of this, add to that the combo timings are different for each character and stricter, all makes it a more technical game to learn, but MK is just much more balanced and plain fun. Best of all though you actually fight a wide range of the MK cast, Street Fighter you have to fight 20 Ryu, Ken or Akuma for every one chance to meet any of the rest of the cast, MK I seem to get a nice wide mix and I've only really been online a month or so.

I raged a lot playing SF, but I never ragequit, MK makes me rage much less, I know why I lose when I lose and sometimes I'm even laughing at how badly I played or how outclassed I was. I have so much more fun playing, but the MK online game is full of rage quitters, I can't think of one time with SF when someone quit out when I was about to win, in MK it's close to 50/50.

Why? Does MK attract a more uptight or immature crowd because of the gore? Are players of Street Fighter calmer because they have to spend all their lives in training looking at minute technical details? Is the fact that I am even writing this a hard indication that I need to find a job and sort my life out... ;)
Don't get a job, it's over-rated.

Now that I think about it, MK community is way more saltier than SF. Sure you get the general assh*les who spams on the SF side but you can deal with that shit on the MK side. It's like people who actually sit down and learn the game and thrown these gamers who pick Scorpion all because he has a spear. And they quit because your pulling off all these cool moves. Why? I have no clue
In my opinion, I think it is because MK attracts a younger and maybe more immature crowd than street fighter. That would be my guess.

I would get a job. It beats sitting at home and doing nothing and searching for jobs, that's what I'm doing. I'm prolly gonna go back to school and get a masters.
I think its also because you can be more of a douche in Mk.
Much easier to spam plus that 7 second window of time to jump around and teabag when you beat an opponent.
lol, I'm looking at doing a masters too, job avoidance and I'm a lot older than I should be doing that.

As for MK, it must be the evil combo of boobs and blood and Scorpions spear....