Mk on Mobile

Well, yeah that would be fun, but think about it:
1. Controls for most cellphones are really clumsy, and the control scheme would be VERY strange. (i.e. 2,4,6, & 8 to move, 1,3,7,& 9 to punch & kick, 5 & 0 to block, # & * to run?)
2. The screens are so small! The detailed sprites we have all come to love will be trashed!
3. Cellphones have very limited memory, so you might fit... say... 5 or 6 fighters. (Come to think of it, that seems like enough for MK1.) PLUS arenas, PLUS multiple fatalities, PLUS character attacks, etc.
4. The sound would totally suck. It would be lo-res and muffled.
5. If the game WERE invented, you could be in the middle of an intense, record-breaking fight with Shao Kahn, when *RING-RING* Mom's Calling!

So unless you want to shell out serious dough for an N-Gage, I think this dream of Mortal Kombat: Mobile is too far from reality.