MK Logic: Inferno and Tundra; MK9 Party! Pt1


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Mysterious Announcer: In a condo in San Diego, two forces were facing off to decide the fate of #1. Scropion and Sub-Zero faced off against each other in a fierce battle. Each kombatant was countering blow from blow. Their skill set was matched. However the Spectre from Hell got the victory. All that was left was to finish Sub-Zero once and for all. Scropion proceeded to move forward, down, and... back Square?

Scorpion: Shit!
Sub-Zero: Bwahahahahha! You messed up your own fatality? What a dumbass!
Scorpion: It's not my fault I can't play this overly complicated ass game to its fullest extent.
Sub-Zero: Is that Netherrealm for, ' I suck at this game because all I do is teleport and uppercut?'
Scorpion: *Points at Sub-Zero* **** YOU!!
Sub-Zero: Aw calm down little Scroppy.
Scorpion: Stop I hate when you call me that gay lil name!
Mysterious Announcer: This is the story of two-
Scorpion: What the hell is Johnny Cage doing here!?
Johnny Cage: *Clears throat* Sorry, I was trying out for my annoucing job at the Price is Right.
Sub-Zero: And you broke into our place just to tell us that?
Johnny: No I used the door.
*Scorpion and Sub-Zero look at the door that was broken in half*
Scorpion: *Pulls out one of his swords* What do you want before we have dinner ealry?
Johnny: I came to tell you guys about the MK9 Happy Sales/ Surprise Party. Its a party where we celebrate all the copies we sold of the MK9 game plus its Ed Boon's birthday!
Sub-Zero: Is everyone going?
Johnny: Of course!
Scorpion: Fine, were not going then.
Johnny: What? Why!?
Sub-Zero: Quan Chi played a prank on Scorpion three weeks ago where he resurrected his wife back to life for a one night stand. It turned out to be a skeleton after Scropion woke up. This is the reason why he's been crashing with me ever since.
Scorpion: -_-
Sub-Zero: Don't worry will be there to see everyone again.
Johnny: Cool see ya there.
*Johnny leaves*
Scorpion: *Stands up* I'm not going!
Sub-Zero: If you go I'll help you pull a prank on Quan Chi.
Scorpion: ... You make it hard for a man to resist.

Being almost five months since MK9 release. The kombatants took it upon themselves to celebrate the enormous triumph of the series. This resulted in money blown and having the kombatants work out there own situations by getting real jobs. As you can tell, Scorpion and Sub-Zero live at the same place. Though the rent is murder, both ninjas have there own personal jobs. Sub-Zero, makes gelattos at his own store, while Scorpion is a resturant's own personal oven and waiter. We shall learn of the other kombatants situations next time.

And that time is now!

*At the MK party*

Sub-Zero: Wow, who do you think threw this party together?
Scorpion: Don't know, don't care. Where is that pale skin mother****er Quan Chi?
Suddenly, two figures emerged from the sky. A shadowy figured dashed and tackled Scropion while the other figure punched Sub-Zero in the face. A third figure was moving incredibly slow with eyes as red as hell's fire. The figured said,
Smoke: Even I'm high and I can still dodge that.
Noob: Seriously you guys need to be aware of your surroundings more.
Noob: Stupid we are Lin Kuei, stealthy as the night,
Smoke: And high as the moon! hahaha
Sub-Zero: Good to see you guys are still friends.

Funny story actually. See after Noob left the Netherrealm, Smoke wanted to stay with his best buddy for old times sake. Noob agreed and they rented a house until they could fine a decent apartment. One unfortuante night, Smoke feel asleep smoking a blunt the size of Shao Khan's arms. He burned not only the house, but almost half the houses in the department. Noob and Smoke are currently stationed at Compton until they can find jobs to support their lifestyle

Noob: I'm surprised too. That I haven't tried to kill him with a spoon yet.
Scorpion: A spoon?
Noob: Hell yeah! Also a fork too.
Smoke: Sounds like you want to eat me instead of kill me.
Sub-Zero: Yeah well we should probably start to head in. Oh yeah. *Freezes Noob's legs* You don't hit your sibling when he's about to get his party on.
Noob: Shit! Wait I heared that Jade was wearing next to nothing! Please let me out!

The three ninjas entered the place to begin the party.

Look out for the second episode:

MK9 Party! Pt2
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Haha Smoke has burned down more houses on accident than an arsonist with a gasoline fetish. Also the part about Scorpion's wife was quite possibly the funniest thing I ever read, this is great.