MK Legacy 2 Blu-ray & DVD Review & Contest

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Today marks the release date of <b>Mortal Kombat Legacy 2</b> on home video. You can buy it both on DVD and Blu-ray today at your local retailer. You can <a href="">order the it from Amazon</a> for just $13.87 for the Blu-ray and only $10.68 for the DVD.

We were lucky enough to get a copy early to review, which you can find here: <a href="">TRMK's MK Legacy 2 Blu-ray Review</a>. But we also were awarded a few copies to give away to two lucky readers.

You can enter the contest via the Rafflecopter widget below!

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I am new here, so I dont really know the routines of the reviews etc. But a short summarize about the content of the movie would be great as well as the technical specifications :) Really eager to see it however

Here's a trailer:

Sorry about that. It's been out for about a year online for streaming, so I figured no point in reviewing the content itself.

Everyone who entered the contest, keep an eye on your inboxes.