MK Kollector (Joe) Huge MK Kollection

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In this topic i will post a lot of pictures of the Huge MK Kollection of my friend Joe a.k.a MK Kollector.
In my opinion he had the most MK merchandise i have ever seen and way long before i started collecting.

How i met MK Kollector ?
Back in 2006 i saw his website for the first time and i saw so many nice MK items.
Here in the Netherlands i have only seen the games and not any merchandise.
Didn't knew its existed.
Then i started collecting MK figures.

Later when i saw some custom made Scorpion & Sub-Zero bubble heads (you will see those pics in the topics that are coming) i had the first time contact with him to ask for a shipping price to me.

Since then we have a lot of contact and i decided i wanted to show his whole MK Kollection to all you MK fans.
He mailed me his pics, i sorted and renamed them, put a watermark on it and uploaded them so that i can start sharing them.

I will be posting in the next topics all the pics,
in different topics a set of pics, this to make it easiers for me to update in the future when i get more pics from Joe.

have fun with the pics !
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