MK Kharacter Ideas


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Hi Guys. Earlier tonight I got bored, and decided to come up with random MK Kharacters. If you want, you can also post your guy's kharacters here if you want too. Here are my two:

MK Kharacter Ideas
Note: No names are official
Kharacter 1. Abel

Realm of Origin: Earthrealm

Alignment: Good

Height: 6’1


Fighting Style: Shirai-Ryu( whatever that may be), also Judo and added in long range attacks

Foes: Damasco, Kaget

Allies: ?

Special Moves: “High” Kick: Abel uppercuts opponent into air, and kicks leg into air 3 times, hitting opponent each time. On 3rd and final time, he balances opponent on foot, and slams them into ground.

Stretch Punch: Grabs opponent and pulls them near him. Holds them in one hand, punches them with the other. He then tosses them across the screen.

Bicycle Kick: Abel jumps into air and stretches legs to the opponent and bicycle kicks them.

Kartwheel Kick: Abel does a cartwheel, and stretches his legs to kick the opponent.

Fatalities: Tug of War: Abel grabs the opponent’s neck and pelvis area, and pulls the opponent. Strangled cries are coming from the opponent as they are being stretched and stretched, until the parts snap off. The torso falls to the ground as Abel throws the parts he is holding off the screen.

Body Rip: Abel uses his arms to latch onto the opponent, he then snaps his limbs back, ripping off the opponent’s arms off. He then repeats this with the legs. As they are laying on the ground limbless, Abel walks over to the opponent and put his foot over their neck, as if to step on it. He, however, lets his foot drop down like a Guillotine. The opponent’s eyes pop out of the head and towards the camera.

Hara Kiri: Heart Surgery: Abel stretches his mouth and moves his jaw down enough ti reach his own arm in. He then reaches inside himself through his mouth and pulls out his heart. He falls to the ground, dead.

Friendship: Balloon Animals! Abel ties his arms into a balloon animal elephant, making the trunk wave. He then unties them and ties them into a balloon animal bird. He flies off screen.

Animality: Boa Constrictor: Abel turns into a Boa Constrictor and squeezes the opponent’s waist, causing them to pop in half.

X-ray: STRETCH!!! : Abel uppercuts the opponent in the stomach, bursting the liver. He then backhands the opponent, fracturing the left side of the skull. He then stretches his index and middle finger and pokes the opponent’s eyes, pushing back the skull into the brain

Bio (Note: Bio is in Alternate universe where either: A. Shirai-Ryu never dies B. Scorpion defeats Blaze, get clan back, and they return his son from Quan Chi) : In order to compete with the Lin Kuei Cybernetic Program, the Shirai-Ryu created the Super Assassins Program. Abel, real name Rain Hayabusa, was one of the three chosen. During a test on Abel to increase flexibility, the machine malfunctioned, giving Abel the ability to stretch and manipulate his body. Angry at the Shirai-Ryu for the error, Abel murdered the scientist running the experiment and a few Shirai-Ryu bystanders before fleeing. However. These actions have marked him for death by his former clan. They sent the other two successful Super-Assassins, Damasco and Kaget, after Him with a task; Find and return Abel, Dead or alive.

Kharacter 2. Jacob Shan
Realm of Origin: Earthrealm
Alignment: Good
Fighting Style: Boxing, BJJ( Only used in X-ray and Fatalities)
Height: 6’0
Weight: 175
Age: 30
Foes: Kobra
Allies: Earthrealm Warriors

Special Moves: Roundhouse Kick: Jacob does a roundhouse kick to the opponent’s head.

Spinning Back Fist: Jacob does a spinning back fist to the opponent’s head, dropping them.

Flying Knee: Jacob delivers a flying knee to the opponent’s head, knocking it back.

Liver Shot: Jacob lands a spinning back kick to the opponent’s liver, dropping them to their knees.

Fatalities: Headshot: Jacob kicks the opponent’s head off. He then picks up the head, raises one of the opponent’s still standing body’s arms and puts the head in it.

Twister: Jacob tackles the opponent and snaps both arms in separate armbars. He then puts them in the actual twister submission, snapping the neck.

Hara Kiri: Head Pop: Jacob puts his hands to his throat, and squeezes it until his head pops off.

Friendship: Why are you hitting yourself? : Jacob grabs the opponent’s hand and makes them punch themselves a few times, before accidentally knocking them out. He then covers his mouth out of surprise.

Animality: Tiger: Jacob transforms into a tiger and claw swipes the opponent to death. He then rests upon their body.

X-Ray: Unleash the Pain: Jacob kicks the opponent in the head, shattering that side of the skull and dropping them. He then get on top of them and puts them in a leglock, severely breaking the leg. He then elbows them in the face, shattering the front side of the skull and squishing the brain.

Bio: For the past 10 years, Jacob Shan has dominated the MMA world. He has world records for longest reigning champion in the lightweight, welterweight, even middleweight. At the same time. However, accomplishing so much in one sport can lead to boredom. He still loved to fight, but he’s fought everyone possible. However, he hears of a tournament called Mortal Kombat. Thinking it might be a interesting challenge, Shan immediately signs on. How he eagerly awaits the date of the start of the tournament, finally getting a new addition to his routine.

EDIT: As I suck drawing with anything (Paper and Pencil, Flash, Photoshop, Etc.) There will be no pictures. If one of you guys wants to draw them for whatever reason, feel free to PM me and I'll tell you what I had in mind for them.
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I really like the idea of Abel.

I'm not too sure how well Jacob would do without projectiles.

Age: Unknown
Race:Wraith/ Hellspawn
Affiliation: Brotherhood of Shadow

Comes in the new version of MK4 (if there's going to be one) as a wraith seeking revenge on the elder gods for making him their personal slave. He died some years ago because of it and was reborn by Noob Saibot to assist him in the killing of the young Sub-Zero. However, he turns on Noob upon realizing Sub-Zero was his old friend. (Spector was Lin Kuei). He seemingly kills Noob, but later on is confronted by him. Spector and Noob fight to the death... whatever happens, happens.

Allignment: Neutral, because he only wishes to serve himself
Allies: Noob Saibot (at first), Smoke, Cyrax, Sub-Zero (later)
Foes: Sub-Zero (at first), Scorpion, Sektor, Noob Saibot (later)

Sabercuff spin: Spins around. (He has wristlets with sabers on them)
Sword Throw: Stabs his sword into the enemy and flips him around and hits them headfirst onto the ground.
Invisibility: Self- explanatory
Shadow Orb: Throws an orb that engulfs the enemy in a shadow, causing damage and stuns them as well.
Teleport: Self- explanatory
Teleport Stab: Like normal teleport, but stabs the enemy as he reappears behind them with his sword.

Now You See Me: Spins his sword in a weird fashion, seemingly nowhere near the enemy and very quickly. When he stops, there is a pause and the enemy's body falls to a bloody mess.
In the Shadows: Engulfs his enemy in a Shadow orb and gets his sword and jumps into the shadow cloud. You can hear screaming as blood flies everywhere and finally the head pops out of the shadow cloud. Spector appears and the shadow cloud disappears, but the rest of the body is nowhere to be found.
Klassic Kill: Grabs his enemy's head and holds him/her in a half-nelson. He quickly slices his saber wristlet across the enemy's throat and the body falls down as Spector holds the head in victory.


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I'm not going in depth at all. I just have general ideas for new characters. There should be a Marine, a wrestler, and perhaps a boxer. They should use all the basic colors for ninjas. There is already a brown ninja (Tremor) but they need to put him into the game. There should be a pink ninja, orange ninja, and white ninja, as well. My idea for the white ninja is Snow. He'd have control of snow particles, but he can freeze just like Sub-Zero. My idea for the orange ninja is Torch, who can control fire. And my idea for the pink ninja is some with laser powers.


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Name : Lu Bu
Age : 28
Combat Style : Bladed Weapon and hand to hand
Combat Speed : Medium [a mix of quick and slow, like Jade or Mileena]
Weapon Type : Lunar halberd

Special moves :
-Arrow Shot- Lu Bu shoots an arrow at opponant, inputing an Up or down to base combo changes the direction it is shot , same with in air version
-halberd Charge - a forword Charge with 3 swings of the weapon in front of Lu Bu
-halberd Grab - lu bu knocks enemy in air and lets them fall on weapon's spear tip before slamming tem into the ground
-Stomp- lu bu stomps on te ground with rage, it causes a shockwave and power boost,
Wistle - Lu Bu wistles and his horse comes rushing across the screen, similar to a kabal dash after
Grab-Lu Bu stabs enemy in stomach with weapon, tosses tem in the Air and slashes them in air 4 times before smashing them into the Ground
Unique combos
Death Spin, - lu bu jumps and swings weapon in a windmill patern 4 times
Clokeslam - Lu Bu grabs enemy by neck and forces their face into the ground

Fatality1 - LU bu swings spear's crescent side into ememies head, then jumps into the air, and uses te force to drive spear all the Way through body and utters "Who else seeks death" after

Fatality 2- Lu Bu swings spear waist high, cutting enemy's stomach open, spilling guts, he uses the momentum of the swing to turn and again swing, breaking them in half, enemy crawls away only an inch before the back end of the spear is driven through the skull, lu bu utters "Can nobody provide me with a decent Challenge"

story : A famed warrior know for not only his skills as a general and warrior but also his dissloyal being, as he was bribed by Dong Zhuo to kill his adoptive father Ding Yuan, but also talked into killing Dong Zhuo by a songstress named Diao Chan, Lu Bu is said to have held off entire armies in battle, most noted is the Battle of hulao Gate, shao kahn raises lu bu from death to serve him as a general, but lu bu has other plans, he will once again kill his lord , but this time , lu bu does it for greed, lu bu want's the power within Shao Khan,

Clothing : Lu Bu wears a Traditional Chinese armor with a dragon decorated War Robe, and a helmet topped with a White horse hair tassel , colors are black, red and gold trim, his belt is clasped together with the head of a dragon, he rids a tall, ashen red horse called Red hare