MK for Vita Reviews

I actually enjoyed reading the TRMK review! Nice work Pat!

Sucks to hear that about Augmented Reality though. I thought it was going to look like how the MK Vita trailer looked where Scorpion and Sub-Zero were fighting in the city. I don't understand why they stuck that platform on the bottom. I would've liked it better if that wasn't there so you could kind of line the characters up with whatever the Vita is capturing on camera.
I've gone to the lab and trained with several kharacters, the controls are much better than expected, I was having difficulty connecting with a teleport punch after a jump kick with Scorpion at first, but it's working most of the times now, I had no problems playing with Rain (check video thread), Kabal, Mileena and Smoke.

The gameplay is really close to the console version, I forgive them for sacrificing graphics for better gameplay :)