mk for ios

Yes, iOS = Apple OS that runs on iPod touches, iPhones, and iPads.

To answer the question, as far as anyone knows there aren't any cheats for UMK3 on iOS. Kind of sad actually, one thing that has pretty much completely died off in gaming is cheat codes/cheat devices.

Then again, the industry never did like those things, considering the Game Genie lawsuit ended up ruling that cheat devices aren't illegal. Now game companies just lump them in with hackers and have convinced a shocking percentage of gamers that it's something bad that should be frowned upon.

Just think how many things wouldn't exist in the MK universe if people didn't tinker with the inner workings of the game, Ermac of course comes to mind immediately. That's why I think it may have been done on purpose when people were able to find info on the game from one of the files in the demo of MK9.
Huge update was just released for this game, full roster/stages available to play. It's a huge update (240MB) but a must have if you own this game.