MK Deception dvd!??!?!?!

It also tells u that theres 2 NEW SHOCKING characters that were hidden just like they did on deadly alliance. but they said go to to find out the 2 characters. but i went there, still no answer to the new characters.

Btw, i have this dvd. its only 2 dollars but i got mine for 25 cents since i work at gamestop warehouse. (discounts).

Also, that dvd is incompleted stuff. it dont tell u where Fatalities are located or characters. all it tells u are the arena, the moves and fatalities .

(Not including the ones u found in KonQuest).
Yeh!! Shocking how much they
"Suckd" Lui Kang of the DEAD! and oooohhhhhh Dark Raiden!!!! I am Oh sorry, I doz'd off.