MK characters forgotten about that need to come back in MK7!


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Post here,

Long Lost Characters that need to come back in MK7.

Watergod from MK Mytholigies Sub-Zero!!! (if anyone else has different pics of him please list them, I love this guy.

As long as they bring back Kitana, I don't really give a rat's ass who comes back.

is was a boss in MK Mythologies SUB-ZERO.....

And have you noticed these characters from Mythologies where not in MKD Konquest? I thought every MK character was going to be in there?

Dude, no. If they brought back all those characters, I'd be pissed. Most of them look like they suck, including all of the gods. Leave Raiden and possibly Fujin, and that's enough for gods.

Although, Sub-Zero's grandmaster looks awesome as does Goro's father. I wouldn't mind seeing them in a future MK game.