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I've created a cool system in Flash where I have a bunch of templates drawn where I can make all kinds of MK chars in a reasonably small amount of time. At this time I can only make male chars, but I am working on a female template system.

Here is a sneak preview of a bunch of chars that I've made using the template system.

Again, for those of you that are going to ask.. I'm doing this completely in Flash.

The actual characters are much bigger, but I had to resize the image so it would fit on the page and in the upload file size requirements.

EDIT: I've also attached an "actual size" image of Scorpion in his MK3 costume. The nice thing about this being in Flash, is I can resize the image to any size and add whatever details I want if I want to go bigger and more detailed.


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* Walk Like An Egyptian * Sorry, the poses your characters are in remind me of that old song by the Bangles "Walk like an Egyptian" with all of the girls walking that way.

They are really really cool, man. Macromedia Flash is far more flexible than I first realised. That Scorpion drawing you made a liittle while back is testament to that fact. I want to try and make some stuff like this. Is this hard to do? I've never seen Macromedia Flash.

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I've done a female normal humanoid template. On my list to do is a Female Shokan template.. I may or may not do a Centaur template.

Here is a preview of a few chars I have made with the female template.


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Malitor Greymaulkin

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I've made quite a few more, so I'm posting some pages which have them according to the game they appeared in (complete with costume for that game).

I plan to do every character.. once they are created, it won't take hardly any time to re-pose the characters in whatever pose I want them to be in. I should make it easy to create Comics and Flash games using these characters.

Tell me what you think other than they look like Egyptians..


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Tee Hee, bewbs.

No, In all seriousness, Mally, Those are some awesome templates. Did you have to make each of the sprites (I guess I'll call them that... is the actual word template going to work for the end product?), or could you just make one, import it, and customize it a little for a new one? Also, can you apply that skin to any shape'd base, or does it only apply to the punching pose? And, as a final question, did you do all of this in Macromedia flash? If so, using which of the tools?

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I made templates for each of these types:

Normal Male
Normal Female
Shokan Male
Huge Male
Cyborg Male
Cyborg Female

I plan to do more types in the future.

Each template has a separate layer for each body part (ie.. Head, Upper Torso, Right Arm, Left Leg, etc...)

When making different versions of the same characters, you simply resave the file with a different name and change the clothing. Here is Liu Kang for instance:

The clothing is drawn with and attached to each body part, so rotating the arm would automatically rotate the clothing with the arm.

I primarily used the Pencil tool to draw with.

Malitor Greymaulkin

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Ok.. here's the actual finished characters from MK1. I've changed their poses to be pretty close to their fighting stances. At least it's better than the "Walk Like An Egyptian" theme music I keep hearing.. (BTW, my wife also started singing the song when she saw their previous poses).

Feedback is requested and appreciated (unless you are a jerk about it.. lol)


New member did you manage to make it and repose it? I'm a flashnoob, so you'll have to show me your leet skills :D.

Awesome job, though, Mally.