MK Armageddon/Deception Music Video


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So I was sitting at my desk today, totally bored, when Kosta gives me the idea to make a MK video, and so, being the graceful lord I am, I happily obliged. So I went down to my friends at IGN and got myself some clips, and then slapped them together on Windows Movie Maker.

You know, for how much trouble I had to go through to actually get the clips, the movie didn't meet my own expectations. I expected a parade.


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Thats pretty cool. I think we should start something like a MK video competition. People all submit videos of MK and then they are judged. but anyway 10/10
It looks great! How about a tribute for the ones who are not making it to the new generation of MK games? That will honor the ones who bravely fought in this deadly competition.