mk:a gameplay

for this installment of mk, will they change things up? or keep the exact same system as mk:da and mk:d, now we have 60 frikin charecters, and in mk deception they only had about half the number of charecters and they were already recycling fighting styles. like, e.g. rain looks like hell have kira/kanos knives weapon style.
will we have 60 charecters and only 30 styles and weapons to choose from? 60 charecters are good, but if these charecters are just carbon copies of the other charecters with different costumes, then im sorry, thats kinda gay.


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I wouldn't care if they did. So long as no two characters had the SAME styles exactly I'm fine.


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I think your speaking a little too harshly against a game that hasn't come out yet, and barely has ANY info released about it to boot. I'm holding out to see whether it's gonna be a credible game, or just a game that is to MK:D what Trilogy was to MK3. I wouldn't mind it, just as a novelty, but I'm thinking they're gonna animate in some new fighting styles (there are quite a few to choose from you know).
yeah, im pretty sure they will recycle some styles, i just hope they make an effort to create some new styles. im gonna buy it anyway, classic backrounds, custom fatalitys, cool.


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All I want to know is if the breaker system is gone? Please let it die a horrible horrible death and never be heard from again =)


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Unfortantly that article said its still in... and now you can preform it in the air for those air combos.

I don't mind it really... It helps you get out of a jam. Though I wish there was a chance it would fail every so often. Still, it beats reversal moves from MK:DA... Man I grew fustrated during conquest mode on that game trying to pull 3 successful reversals off before the timer was out.


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when MKA will came out,Boon and co. will have been working 2 years on i think they have enough time to find new fighting styles and correct all the glitches.


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I want to know if the movements in VS and 1P mode are like forward and backwards movements MK: Deception or free movements like MK: Shaolin Monks.


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There are over thousands of fighting styles in the world. So they could make everyone differ. Weapons would differ though because some characters fit the weapons. (Rain's Weapong go off of Deceptions Konquest mode. I.E. The Shokan daggers that belong to Prince Goro, but he takes them instead. *its common sense people* (thus those are probably what he is using)

The gameplay looks ok for Mk/fighting games. (don't compare them to SC/etc. OR I will smack you for being an idiot)

Some characters will probably work the same. Such as Goro and his father Kintoro, or maybe Reiko, and Shao Khan. *even though they are not the same person Reiko seems to want to be just like Shao Khan thus it would make sense)

So I'm thinking it will all work out. (remember people MW isn't known for making second disk of MK, unless its a bonus feature)