MK:A Cracksmokin' Theories

Crazed Wiseman

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This is were you can post your predictions and theories of what will happen in MK:A. They can be serious or (Like Mine) just plain crack headed. For starters:

1. Sonya Blade is going to get knocked up and have Cyrax's kid
(Battlestar Galactica style :!: )

2. Goro will go postal on Shao Khan ( :twisted: )

3. Stryker will be the last man standing ( :lol: )

4. Blaze is actually Kung Lao the Great ( :p )

Immortal Reaver

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1. Johnny Cage will finally find out he's a major douchebag and no one likes him ( :lol: )

2. Shiva and Goro will have a Kid that will be the next Sub-Boss in MK8 ( :!: )

3. Cyrax will use his net to sexually molest Sonya Blade :)wink:)

4. Sub-Zero will find out the effects of leaving his manhood cold for so long ( :lol: )


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Stupid theories:

1) Mortal Kombat will have its name changed to Mortal Wombat and the next new roster will be Wombat fighters. ( :lol: )

2) Scorpion is my father ( 8) )

3) Sub-Zero will have a little fun with Frost, and be able to keep up the blood-line(LMAO :lol: )

4)Johnny Cage will fight Scorpion and learn it isn't cool to play with fire ( :D )

5) jax will finnaly teach Sonya not to go out with JC since he well sucks.( :lol: )

6) Reptile will become part of a singing band called T.H.E. R.E.P.T.I.L.E.S. ( :twisted: )

Good theories:

1) Seriously Frost and Sub-Zero will have a child ( :shock: )

2) It will be a female Sub-Zero :)lol:)

3)Reptile will get to meet his lost species family/etc. Then they will attack him for smelling like Khan, Nitara, etc.

4)Smoke will be turned human again.

5)Cyrax and Sektor will malfunction P.E.R.M.A.N.E.T.l.Y. ( :cry: )

6)Scorpion will teach Quanchi why he shouldn't kill his family/clan and then he will eat him alive :)shock:)

7)Stryker will die at the hands of Shao Khan for being an idiot, etc.


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Meanwhile in Edenia ...

Kitana is killed by Baraka, who thinks she is Mileena. Sindel kills Baraka, but then Mileena kills Sindel, and pretends to be Kitana. She doesn't fool Liu Kang, who kills her. But Jade sees this and kills Liu Kang, thinking he just killed Kitana. Jade kills herself when she discovers Mileena's body. Shang Tsung morphs into Kitana and briefly rules Edenia, but is killed by Tanya, who is in turn killed by Rain, but he dies as a result of his injuries.

Midway, you can contact me on 555-1234 :wink:


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Theres a theory Pheonix... That Frost and sub-Zero are brother and sister... Don't you think your suggestions will be a little... Bit off if the theories turn out correct.

*hint, hint*.

Silly theories:

1- Shao Kahn won't turn up for the final fight because he has the runs...
2- Scorpion will become a hippy and start a new world order of peace.
3- Raiden will marry a powerplant.
4- Johnny Cage will die (again).
5- Cyrax will get an error and start thinking his Elvis.
6- Fujin will discover Disco.


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There is a theory they are brother and sister? Unbelievable...

I mean she just appeared out of nowhere and Sub-Zero is like 2X her age. I don't think so. If so :shock: Brother and sister... Although it isn't like that is weird for the MK series.s

Mad Max Andrade

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Serious theories:

1- Sub Zero and Frost will have a kid;
2- Noob Saibot will kill his brother Sub Zero, and Scorpion will adopt his child;
3- Johnny Cage will win the Ultimate Tournament;
4- Stryker will kill Shang Tsung; (hey, it will be funny!)
5- Mokap, Hotaru and Dairou will be killed and eaten by Goro.


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pheonix said:
There is a theory they are brother and sister? Unbelievable...

I mean she just appeared out of nowhere and Sub-Zero is like 2X her age. I don't think so. If so :shock: Brother and sister... Although it isn't like that is weird for the MK series.s

Heres quickly the theory, lets not discuss this... Create a different opic if you want for it:

Okay, presuming their mother had kids at roughly 20 years age... She has until about 40-45 to have three kids. Thats 20-25 years.

Noob is the oldest at 45, we can take a year off their mothers fertiltiy age making their mother have 19-24 years left to have further kids. Subby is 43, we take 3 years off their mother fertitly age, that leaves 16-21 years. There is just enough time for Frost to be born... But she may be very young when the in Quei came along.

Frost.... Her age isn't given. In order to be their sister, she would have to be under the age of 43. I usually place her age between mid twenties to Early thirties... If take away 16-21 years that places her age at 22-27 at the youngest their sister could be which closely matches my estimate for her age. She is *just* old enough to be his sister if she fell into that bracket of how young their sister could be. Again this also depends on when the Lin Quei showed up to take the kids away. The Lin Quei would of have to shown up when the boys were mid teens- young adults.

In the MKM:SZ info it says Subby (noob) had a younger bro and a sister. The mother and sister were taken away by the Lin quei and never seen again.

The other aspect of the argument... Sub-Zero would know his sister right? If she was very young... No. Hell, I have a picture of me at 7 and my bro at 6... We look very different now to then. I wouldn't reconise my bro. He wouldn't reconise me. So this aspect is iffy at best. (Losts of adoptive peeps have known their brothers as friends for years without know the friend is the sibling they saw at a very young age).

So yeah... Theres the theory or what I've been researched on it. You decide. I don't think she is his sister. But there is just a faint possiblitiy she is.


Edited the age info because I got it slightly wrong sorry.


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Yes, I remember something about him having a younger sister, but Frost is still just shocking.

Hopefully they will clear that up in MK:A...

That would be funny for all those people who wanted Frost X Sub-Zero fanfictions/etc. LMAO, to the max.


new theory:

Johnny Cage will continue to die to see how many times he can before Midway can't come up with any more ideas.


Scorpion will remain the Champion of the Elder Gods(the inforcer of there will) Scorpion will get revenge on Quan Chi for murdering his Family and clan. He will defeat Blaze (with sub zero as his partner) who is inhabited by The ONE BEING , and save the realms from ultimate distruction. The Elder gods forgive Scorpions sins and He will then desend into the heavens where he will be with his family and rest in peace, but will still defend the realms when needed by the elder gods.


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^You forgot:

Scorpion will be no longer bad ass. And Raiden will adopt him as his son, and then Scorpion will go out with Sub-Zero because he has been GTified LMAO.

I can see it now Scorpion as a gangsta.


Scorpion and Sub Zero have a kid named ScorpZero

Master Chief and Kitana have a kid named Master kitana

Goro and Baraka have a kid named Goraka


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ScorpZero said:
Goro and Baraka have a kid named Goraka

actually when i was about 9 or 10 when I first created Goraka, he was supposed to be the son of Baraka and Sheeva. I decided that story was lame, however, so I made up a story of how he was a prototype clone which laid the way for mileena being born. seemed better.

Jarek discovers Vodka/fruit juice mixers and starts hanging out at bars called things like 'The Pink Cowboy' and 'Fagnitude'
Reptile further de-evolves into a newt, and spends all his time in a goldfish bowl
Liu Kang goes through puberty
Baraka and Johnny Cage have a kid named VIn Diesel
Sheeva has four boobs


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Zippy the happy drunken bum will accidently trip over Kahn and he'll empale himself on some random dude's sword.


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I think that Sub Zero and Scorpion will honestly team up. Either to take on the main boss or Noob Saibot and Quan Chi I don;t know but I can see it happening. And here's something I posted in an earlier thread.

I think one potential storyline for Frost maybe that she takes up the mantle of Sub Zero if he dies. I can imagine that if Sub Zero does die in MKA, it will be to save Frost in some way who will then take up her teacher's name as a tribute and an attempt to redeem her past mistake.