MK 4 - Enhanced & Strip


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That is kinda gay how they link you to what apparently is supposedly meant to be the patch for the MK4 game enhancement. I tried doing a Net search for it, but no luck. You know what your best bet would be? Email this address and ask them, man. That's all I can suggest.

Firstly, alot of that sites content is only available to registered members. You might want to try joining to be able to download that patch, Then revisit the download page.

Alternatively, visit these guys, they may know. They are fully clued into all this kind of stuff as well.

And these guys as well. [some are the same members from the below site/forum]

Try any or all of the above, contact them if all else fails, and I'm sure you will get ahold of this cool patch. But remember, register at MKSecrets first. Then you may not have to go through all of the rest of that drama.

Good luck & your welcome. :mrgreen:
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THANK YOU !!!!!! I've already sent an e-mail to the guy ... now let's just see ... And I will register now and continue searching :D THANKS a lot ;)

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hmm yep , I have found it on a lost MK abandonware site in German .... and the mod is EXCELENT !!!!!!!!!! If u want it , tell me ;)