Mk 10

Mk 10 possiblites?

  • Cyber sub zero becomes human

    Votes: 16 40.0%
  • Dead characters remain dead

    Votes: 10 25.0%
  • dead characters come back next game

    Votes: 18 45.0%
  • Rain becomes a good guy

    Votes: 4 10.0%
  • Raiden dies

    Votes: 6 15.0%
  • Scorpion becomes good and kills Quan chi

    Votes: 20 50.0%
  • Noob is still alive

    Votes: 17 42.5%
  • Johnny Cage or Sonya or both dye

    Votes: 9 22.5%
  • Liu Kang comes back and tries to kill raiden

    Votes: 20 50.0%
  • New never before seen characters get brought into mk 10

    Votes: 23 57.5%

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This is what i believe is gonna happen in Mk 10.
Raiden, Sonya, and Johnny, now starting to help rebuild earth realm, will meet Kenshi, Kai, Ermac, Fujin,Skarllet and probably some other new characters that agree to help (skarllet and Ermac become good because shao dieing frees them from his evil bond). While this is happening Millena, Goro, Kintaro, Baraka, Cyrax, Sektor, Reptile, (MAYBE kano if he was saved from his ice freeze)Sheeva, Reiko, (Prehaps Tanya and Rain) and some new caracters prehaps will fight over Shao Khans throne, but none will get it because Quan Chi and Shinnok will take over forcing them to join thier forces. Quan chi, Shinnok, will now use this new army to attack earth realm. Then fighting happens. Raiden will find some way to make the zombies back into human, which they will do, also I believe they will save cyrax the same way they saved cyber sub zero. Some time through the game ermac will teach kenshi how to do telekinesis. Liu Kang will probably come and end up killing Raiden, forcing someone else to become leader of the group. Later nearer to the end Johnny Cage will probably sacrifice himself so that everybody else can survive, and then Shinnok will probably die. I am sure I am going to wrong and not even close about this story idea. I think Scorpion will end up finding out Sub Zero did not kill his clan, go and find Noob and the two of them will kill Quan Chi. Smoke will probably fight Sektor and one of them will die ( probably Sektor). Rekio will fight Kenshi because in the background in mk 9 you can hear Sang tsung say Kenshi vs Reekio so i believe this is forshadowing. Sonya will fight Kano, and probaably kill him. These are my predictions. Feel free to give me yours, or tell me ways Ive screwed up on mine.


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I think Sonya should die and have Johnny Cage go completely mad while crying, losing control of his powers like in his MK9 ending.

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Just gonna post my wishlist here:

- Other finishers (Hara-Kiris, Tagalities, Animalities, Brutalities and FRIENDSHIPS)

- FMV endings

- Choose Your Destiny

- Better music

- Better Krypt content (meaning NO MORE f*cking staff pics, concept art is cool but we don't really need that much of it, how about more goofy shit like "Cooking with Scorpion" and more "Making Of" videos and whatnot)

- Ability to play as evil characters during the story mode; I'd like to see more than one Story Mode ending, as well (or they can do it like Deception, where the opening of the game explains the current events of the story, while the Story Mode explains the events leading up to the current events of the story)

- All of the MK4 characters and some of the Deadly Alliance/Deception characters brought back and revamped


- The MK9 DLC characters Skarlet, Kenshi and Rain to play a large role in the story

- A MUCH better announcer

- A better Challenge Tower reward

- I'd like a more self-contained story, by that I mean, I want the story to be able to stand on its own and not have any obvious hints to future events in a future game (the most prominent example of that being Shinnok's appearance at the end of MK9's story)

- Maybe 1 or 2 new characters

- Puzzle Kombat/Chess Kombat

- I want the characters to do a little animation on the character select screen upon choosing them like in the older games

- Don't bring Shao Kahn back

- No guest characters (maybe Predator as DLC but don't put them on the initial roster)

- A Continue/Game Over screen as good as MK4's

- Better fatality presentaion


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The Hara Kiri could come back, but only if the winner puts in the input. Or maybe some other new kind of finishing move, one that is specific to the character you are against? For example, the winner grabs Cyrax's wrist and pushes buttons on it, Cyrax explodes. Another one could be, The winner rips out Baraka's blades and shoves them through his eyes. I think it could be a cool idea.

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Just make the button combinations for Hara Kiris a lot harder and more time-consuming to do than fatalities, problem solved
but could you imagine, you just did a double flawless, then some kid does the baraka blade rid out and then you lose just because hes memoriszed that one (fatality)

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And exactly how do finishing moves in Mortal Kombat affect or influence competitive play in the slightest? That's pretty much the same thing as saying this:

"Fatalities should not be in the game. They are trying to make MK10 legit and further add to the competitive balance..."


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And exactly how do finishing moves in Mortal Kombat affect or influence competitive play in the slightest? That's pretty much the same thing as saying this:

"Fatalities should not be in the game. They are trying to make MK10 legit and further add to the competitive balance..."

If you fight in a tournament and the winner is the person who can pull the fastest button combo at the end? yeah that would throw things off a bit.
It's cool to see the winner pull off their fatalities for show.

Plus Hara Kiris are just plain silly. Why would the winner of the match kill themselves?

I would rather them work on animalities.


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If you fight in a tournament and the winner is the person who can pull the fastest button combo at the end? yeah that would throw things off a bit.
It's cool to see the winner pull off their fatalities for show.

Plus Hara Kiris are just plain silly. Why would the winner of the match kill themselves?

I would rather them work on animalities.

Not really, because even though it the game says the person who preforms the Hara Kiri wins. You can still count the win towards the true winner of the match, because you play sets in tournaments not just one match.

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Ummm, what? You've played Deception, right? The LOSER of the match kills themselves, not the winner. Hara-Kiris are for the person who lost, not the winner

Hara-Kiris wouldn't affect tournament play anymore than Animalities would (which, in fact, are more complicated to pull off than Hara-Kiris in the first place)

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I've said this before in two other threads:
The clone of Shinnok died in the battle of Armageddon. What was the real Shinnok doing during this? Certianly not watching Entertainment Tonight instead of the battle, so he must have seen the conclusion of Raiden sending visions to his past self just before Shao Kahn finishes him. So what's to stop Shinnok from doing the same? This would explain why his plan "worked to perfection".

But that's my theory. Here are some plot points I wish to see in the next game:
-Chaosrealm and Orderrealm will have a war/major struggle
-Reptile, Chameleon and Khameleon discover each other
-The notion of Scorpion and Sub-Zero forming a "deadly alliance" comes true
-Shinnok finds out Quan Chi duped him with the amulet (if my theory's correct) and gains the original amulet for himself, and that could produce something dramatic like Quan Chi teaming up with the heroes
-Nitara faces off with Skarlet
-Sareena, Kia and Jatakka are Dairou's students of assassinations, which their first targets are Johnny Cage and Sonya Blade
-Noob Saibot is revealed to not have died and his spirit fuses with Smoke, giving him a split personality
-Onaga is present as Damashi, but mistaken for a star in the sky


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The wish list I would have for MK10 would be as the following:

- More practical fatalities, reintroduction of Hara Kiri's (in breaking one's own neck standard for every character), Non-Fatalistic finishing moves like Liu Kang's finishing move in MK1, Shows of Mercy, Second Chances, Babalities, Shows of Respect (fist to palm bow instead of a corny looking friendship.), Shows of Mercy and the exclusions of Animalalities and Brutalities.

- Newly introduced characters with a creative and unique moveset that makes the character standout as a viable contestant on the roster. And for the entire roster to have at least nine specialty moves. I think this can be done without shifting power over to a certain character.

- A newly improved and enhanced Challenge Tower with more and better obstacles to overcome, maybe also including secret characters or hidden characters within some of the challenges.

- More mini games such as "Test Your Reflexes", "Test Your Will", "Test Your Speed", "Test Your Strike", "Test Your Knowledge", "Test Your Strength" and "Test Your Balance" as well as introducing unlockable characters by an issued challenge from a character's possessor such as a mini-game such as "Fight For Him/Her" where one can unlock a hidden, or unlockable character within the game by fighting the character's possessor.

- Better fighting mechanics to stimulate how a experienced martial artists would move and fight in terms of their forms, and movements. I know in real life mechanics don't matter, but in a video game where everything is visual, I think the mechanics play an important role in the overall presentation of things. Example would be the realism of Tekken's mechanics or if it can be enhanced that would be even better.

- An overall Asian themed backdrop of the fighters attire, backdrop and music. I think in terms of the character's looks the attire would look more realistic and could be their primary/default costume while also providing more contemporary costumes as alternatives.

- The fighting planes of the video game can be on a 3-D format for majority of the stages, while the 2.5 format that MK9 currently has can be for certain stages such as the "Original Pit" in MK1 or "DeadPool" stages.

I would also like the character's biographies to be played during the idol times of the game, and showcase them executing a brief martial arts form exactly or similar to the format of MK1 with a freeze frame of the character at the end. This can also showcase some newly implemented moves for the characters and how they look in the flow of real time gameplay for the video game player, as well as any new implemented air-juggles, techniques, and combos for the characters as well.

- Bring back endurance matches, tag-team match-ups, team kombat (with individual characters controlled by each player with 4 to 5 characters per team), Legion of Assassins Match Ups, Survival Match Ups (towards harder levels of the Ladder).

- More options for Choose Your Destiny, arranged in increasing difficulty from "Very Easy", "Easy", "Medium", "Hard", "Very Hard", "Veteran", "Expert", "Mogul" and "Divine" being the hardest.

- Around 50 selectable characters on the roster with the inclusion of different hidden characters, private fights, unlockable characters and or DLC characters for options to gain for people whom would want more characters included.

- Standard moves to be more realistic such as the ability to "Reflect" an opponent's attack just like "Tekken" or get out of an opponent's throw or grapple.

- A greater variety and diversity of fighters such as a Capoeira fighter, an MMA fighter, Muay Tai fighter, and characters to have specific disicplines in their respective fighting styles like Tekken. Not saying that have to limited to just one style, or that a particular style be limited to just one character but the fighting style be character specific to how they would fight. For example, Scorpion and Sub-Zero can have a "Ninjutsu" discipline of fighting since they're ninja or assassins.

- The implementation of a "Legion of Assassins" to be fought against in the upper echleon ladders of the "Destiny Ladders" and that they be individual matches as well as "Endurance Match Ups" maybe towards the Divine ladders, or the Expert to Mogul ladders of difficulty.

- The arenas be connected to some sort of central place such as Shang Tsung's Island or Outworld Kingdom. And also that various other stages can be implemented to various areas like character specific a Sonoran Desert, or Sub-Zero's Lin Kuei's Temple.

For female ninja characters to wear a sleeveless gi without rips or tears in the shoulder regions, as well as sashinuki hakama pants tucked into their shins to give a ballooning affect and provide ease of movement. A clothed mask instead of the veiled style/or motorcyle/oxygen mask.

- Transitioning of character in Endurance, Team or Tag-Team Kombat to be implemented to where the defeated character remain laid out on the ground like MK1 and the tag-ins be simple by executed with a simple front sommersault, backwards ground roll, or the tag-in partner kneeling into a two point stance and provide partner to spring board off partners back into match. This would I think provide a smoother transitioning between the characters without too much disrupting the flow instead of using special theatrics and other things.