Mk 1 living tower ????

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I have looked around and can't seem to find anything about this. But has anyone noticed that there is a image of the MK 1 arcade cabinet on the "Coming Soon" screen for the living towers on the main menu ???

My guesses are they could be

1. Adding MK1 into the game kind of like what they did with special edition Deception.
2.A MK1 based living tower with MK1 costumes and characters... I don't know how this would work without Shang Tsung though ???

Either way it's exciting stuff :)
It's already been confirmed to be an MK1 themed tower. Maybe Shang Tsung will be there? There is an achievement/trophy that you unlock by doing a secret fight in the living towers.
The current Goro Tower said that it had 2 days left, as of yesterday, so as soon as it's done then the MK1 Tower will be there.
Boon mentioned before on Twitter that the 2nd tower would be MK1, likely followed by MKII, MK3, MK4 and MK9, as stated in the background/ icon / border customization screen.

I'm pretty sure that Goro was made to be the 1st Tower since launch, so that anyone who got the game without pre-ordering could try out Goro.
Ed Boon said that they would be doing that for DLC characters this time around (individual towers), so that people can try out the DLC characters before they buy them.