mix ups with Raiden.


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I've mostly been using Thunder God variation, I think this is the best nuetral variation. As not many people give me projectile problems I don't feel like displacer is that necessary.

I have yet to fully explore the trap version of raiden fully, but he's capable of setting up unblockable resets, via trap into hard knock down trap. Grab+Trap activation. The only punishment you get off successfully landing the grab when the trap activates right after you both fall down, but raiden can BF3, before the opponent hits the ground.

But i'm gonna mostly talk about thunder god raiden.

His 50/50 on first hit comes from the following 2 strings.

B3,3 (by itself is pretty safe, but to be able to combo off it with big damage you need to commit to meter burn DF2.)
and B2. (extremely unsafe on block)

Midscreen - No Meter
b2, run, b111+3 (24%)
b33, bf3 (16%)

Midscreen - 1 Bar
b2, Run, 21, EX df2, b111+3 (36%)
b33, EX df2, 213, Run, 11, bf3 (35%)

Corner - No Meter
b2, 34, 213, b111+3 (35%)
b33, Same as Midscreen

Corner - 1 Bar
b2, 34, 34, EX df2, b111+3 (43%)
b33, EX df2, 34, 213, b111+3 (43%)

I wouldn't suggest these until you force them to commit.

However in Thunder God Variation you get a new string which is B3,2 it hits low but raiden follows up with a charged lightning attack that's relatively safe on block, -7.

It also pushes them away if they blocked it so they can't follow up unless using long range normals.

You can connect this into a Bf3 corner carry. it's hit confirmable so you don't have to commit to Bf3, and waste meter like the B3,3 DF2 version.

In the CORNER the B3,2(hold), is easily hitconfirmable unlock its brother the B3,3 DF2.

On to other mix ups.

A good combo starter is 3,4 second hit is overhead.

to mix up, I sometimes just hit 3, which is 0 on block, if they are expecting the overhead right after, you can do a D4, which gives raiden +2 on block, and on hit +24.

On hit if you dash after it, you're close to nuetral by the time you finish the dash. If you hit D4 on block with +2. It pushes them back that some of your strings won't work But F2 will reach right after cuz he moves in.

F2, 2+4 is safe and pushes them far back enough when you hold it that they can't counter poke or counter string you. it's -12, but the distance it creates between you two makes it safe against most people.

F2, 4,4 is nuetral on block, and keeps them infront of you pretty close.

If you want to get greedy F2, 4 is only -2. If you use the threat of the 3rd 4. You should get a new free string if they are waiting on the last hit. by the time they realize you aren't finishing the string it's too late.

His 2,1,4 string hits low at the end, you can do 2,1 make them expect low then B2 for a combo.

F1, 4 hits low on the 2nd hit.

can mix them up with 3,4 (should be able to react to first hit though)

or F1 as a single hit, then B2.

Don't use the 2,1,3 launcher. that is -25 on block. The most unsafe string in the world.

the only way you can get this launcher to hit is to do 2,1, into another string enough times that they want to counter poke after 2,1. then you can finish with 3 to catch them off guard.

don't do 2,1 over and over again as a mix up. You have to do 2,1 into something else. it's too easy to counter poke 2,1 spam. 2 is duck-able that's why.

This is all I've found so far in the lab. Still working on more.


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and this is only from 2 days and already some reasonable tech I'm looking forward to seeing more from your lab with raiden and whoever else you plan on maining


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I know this is a noob Q but when do I perform the "run" portion of this. Do I press forward right after inputting b2 or do I wait until b2 animation is complete and then press forward?

That ones pretty hard.

Best way to tell you to check yourself, is hold block after B2. That way you can see the soonest frame that you can act out of it.

You'll want to do dash(Forward forward) just as it ends, and hit block to run.

To catch them with B111+3 have to hit earlier than you think the tip of your hand will be hitting their foot.


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He plays like MK9 Sonya. The standing reset (I think he has one, CPU did one against me I think) gives him lots of reset potential.


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Can the 1+3 input also conversely be done with L1 (PS4) instead, or does it specifically have to be 1+3?

(I know that throws are done with either 1+3 or L1, which is why I asked.)


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I would argue he's more powerful than mk9 Sonya. I fear a nerf bat, but I hope it's nothing huge.

I fear nerfs for other characters like Takeda and Sub-Zero too.
Tom Bradly lashed out at asshats complaining about Sub-Zero, to learn the game.

“@MK_TomBrady: This is PATHETIC! Non stop crying to nerf Sub-Zero... Learn the f***ing game! EB: LOL! Easy there Mr. Brady. :)"

I guess that's how is these days, though.
Can't beat a certain character, and people "wah" to have said character nerfed, instead of learning strategies on how to defeat said character.


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I would argue he's more powerful than mk9 Sonya. I fear a nerf bat, but I hope it's nothing huge.

It seems he is more powerful. I think his Master of Storms variation is his best one. Reset potential (moar damage), and anti wakeup setups. He's my nightmare, as I tend to offensively wakeup on every knockdown.


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I think thunder god is the best. But that might be my biased opinion just because I mostly crutch on Raiden's extra strings in that variation.

Have you see how much Meter those new safe strings give you on block? those multi-hits give you so much meter.

Best Combo I use ATM- Credit goes to Dizzy doing it at a GGA tournament.
Wakeup-Armor starter.
(this is really technical could take a few days to get this combo down comfortably)
DF2(EX),NjP, B1,4~DB1(Hold), (Run Cancel FF[BLOCK]), Immediately do 2,1,4~DF2(or BF3 for corner carry)

this works midscreen really hard to do, but once you get it. like 40% midscreen for 1 bar.