Mini Home Versions FAQ Available

Jeff Greeson

Staff member
If you don't happen to have a TV Tuner in your computer in order to have quick access to our <A HREF="/games/mortal_kombat_4" TARGET="_parent">Complete Guide to MK4: The Home Versions</A> while playing the game, we have created a <A HREF="/mk4home/mini4faqh.html" TARGET="_parent">Printable Mini Home Versions FAQ</A>. This FAQ features moves for <b>Noob Saibot</b> and <B>Goro</B>, how to access the <b>Cheats Menu</b>, and all Kombat Kodes found so far. Also, it will be updated as soon as we get new information. Even with all this new information packed into the <A HREF="/mk4home/mini4faqh.html" TARGET="_parent">Printable Mini FAQ</A> we have managed to keep everything on 2 easy-to-read pages. Now you can have quick access to everyone's moves without having to dash back and forth between the TV and the computer