Mileenas face!!!


Wtf is that supposed to be!!
are you fking kidding me with that mouth??
ive been scratching my head at a lot of their design choices but this seriously takes the gold medal for worst design implement in MKX

seriously im completely baffled at how stupid it is!! the fact that people actually sat down and looked at this and all agreed this design is good? i thought the couldnt possibly do a worse job than the MK9 mouth but this is just legendary fuk up design work.

everything about her design was spot on!... until this terrible mouth reveal. they cant seriously release the game with this stupid idea for a mouth please for the love of god change this awful awful mess before release

also this is frustrating because she looked so good in the story trailer but in game is a completley different story. her stance is really shit and not very kombat like and her head is huge compared to the rest of her body
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I think it looks good. They managed to make her face attractive while still having a grotesque mouth. The juxtaposition is interesting.
She looks amazing. I rarely used Mileena in the past, but now... Definitely. Everything about her is great, design, gameplay, etc.
She looked like the "after" pictures of keeping kids off drugs campaigns before.

I don't mind the change. It's different and challenges the MK status quo - which is what this game has effectively done since the day it was announced.
I like it. but it doesn't look Tarkatan. How does her mouth completely change from MK9 to MKX?

Reptile completely changes from game to game and nobody bats an eyelid ...

I don't mind Mileenas new design. Rather than a human with a Tarkatan mouth she now resembles more of an experimental clone of Kitana mutated with Tarkatan DNA. (whatever that's meant to look like)

But on the theme of the new MKX character designs and appearances, i do think that every design is crazy over the top. Way too many bells n whistles.

eg. Kung Jin's bow - has a dragon head that breaths fire!? "Oh, we could put a dragon on that!" "Hey, how about if the dragon breathes fires?" "You're a genius!"
Well, that's what you think.

IMO it's the best design for her after what we saw on MK9, a complete mutant, with an idiotic not closing mouth, with a strange nose and exaggerated eyes. It even sounds funny when Kitana says "she looks!".

Back in the old days, she was like Kitana when masked. Then she started to become more and more twisted.

Though her Deception version is cool, she is supposed to be a CLONE.

It's ok to feel different that her mouth closed, but it's amazing that she shares exactly the same face with Kitana. Way better.

And the secret is when she opens her mouth. Try to pause when she is biting the opponent's face. You will see that abomination Mileena that she is. Side view too.

But with her calm face, on front view, she looks exactly like Kitana. I never liked a design on her the way I like on MKX.
Forget her face,dat ass though.

Yeah i thought they were gonna go with the mk legacy design where she has her mouth split up to her cheeks and u dont see her teeth untill she talks something like d'vorah.

I like it though she's suppose to be scary looking unmasked.
I quite like it. She went from a character I dont care about to someone I might main. To me everything about her this game is the best she's been.
it wouldnt look so bad if the tarkatan teeth actually looked like they were really there coming through the skin, but instead they look flat like cardboard teeth just stuck on her face :( ive noticed a few characters have this flat 2d quality and its not exactly what i expect for a next gen game. i know the games not entirely finished but still... :/