Mileena vs Kitana

surely in mka Mileena will face off against Kitana ! i mean its been a rivalry since the two characters came to be in mkII but what will happen?
will Mileena finally kill Kitana and take her place as Kitana or will Kitana defeat her clone and go about her business or will they become happy familys lol (what ! it could happen lol)
I think they will end up getting naked and have a good cutscene! :lol:

But who knows, maybe mileena will finnaly figure out she is inferior and just a clone, and give up.
I think Kitana will remember that she's not the weak character she's been portrayed as in the past few tournaments and then just decide to stomp the living hell out of Mileena and everyone else throughout the realms until she is the supreme overlord of the universe.

Then she'd kick Liu Kang's ass and dump him for being an indecisive little bitch.

Come on, you all know that would rule.
I dont think that mileena will face against kitana,i think that mileena will face against baraka,and mileena will go against tanya the trator to edinia for the second time(first in mk4,second in mk:D)
I don't know if Mileena has actually fought Tanya on MK4. But I do know that Kitana will cut Mileena with her deadly fans and live happily with Liu Kang.

Imagine Mileena making up with Baraka after a long fight before secretly killing him.
Even though Millena is a viscious character, I still think Kitana would triumph over her. Her skill is just unmatched. I think the idea of having a dead couple (Liu and Kitana) would be retarded. It would become like a MK soap opera. Anyway, I think they will team up because there probably will be some greater evil in this game.

Oh! And Kitana is Hott :twisted:
ooooorr.....maybe reptile won't. yeah :)
this rivalry has been on for a while, but the majority of you have been right. I do agree that kitana will get rid of one of the major plagues in her life.
Vigilante_FireDragon said:
Imagine Mileena making up with Baraka after a long fight before secretly killing him.

:shock: ...No thanks. I don't think my brain isn't corrupted enough to imagine that. Plus, I don't think that Baraka could make out with Mileena. I just don't think!
.... :lol: You damn don't what to know about it. I bet Mileena did anyway. :lol: What will Baraka can do about that? Does anyone else want to know about it?

Kitana forever. All hail Queen Kitana! 8) Please let her kiss Mileena to her doom! Thanks.
Mileena's always been my fav character in the series. I don't necessarily think Mileena and Kitana are gonna have another face off...that sounds too cliche based on previous storylines. I think the two of them will definately be involved together, and against eachother...but will be involved with more than just a battle. Im guessing Baraka, Tanya and Sindel will be involved as well as they seem very connected with Deception in last games storyline.

Jade may be another one as just praying that Mileena's alternative costume includes her old MKII fed up with her being the video-game slut.
ChiefThunder said:
-theCLONE- said:
im fed up with her being the video-game slut.

I'm not.

The more MK whores the better, Cloned.

Hey Chief! Call me when when Mileena decides to bite you when making out with her.

I think the only witnesses in the battle between Mileena and Kitana are Rain, Jade and Baraka.