Midway's 1999 E3 Booth Pictures

Jeff Greeson

Staff member
Midway's booth at this year's E3 was one of the busiest areas in the South Hall of the LA Convention Center. With games like <B>Ready 2 Rumble</B>, <B>Hydro Thunder</B>, <B>Mortal Kombat Gold</B>, <B>NBA Showtime: NBA on NBC</B>, <B>Blitz 99</B>, <B>Blitz 2000</B> (DC), <B>Gauntlet Legends</B>, <B>Paperboy</B>, <B>Mortal Kombat: Special Forces</B>, <B>World Driver: Championship</B>, and <B>Jackie Chan's Stuntmaster</B>; there was plenty to see and do. We snapped a ton of <A HREF="/e3pics99/booth/">pictures</A> of the games and all the activites going on around the booth. Head on over there and check out the show Midway put on for the attendees. Don't forget to check back later as we've gotten the go ahead to post our exclusive pictures from <B>Mortal Kombat: Special Forces</B>.