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Ok So from your time here on the forums what has been the most funniest quote you have heard

Heres mine, Posted by Mcshorty

I just shit my pants. Hard.

I don't actually know who Mr. Roboto is.

I just wanted you all too know that I shit my pants.

I love myself
Skythe said:
My team won. Why you ask? Simple, I win. That's it.

Besides, It's not a "Team" persay. It's more of an empire, as they swear fealty to me. Nobody has joined though, so I won all by myself. Just goes to show you, I own.

Ninja of Sarcasm > all.

Too many to list.

I could get hundreds off my forum alone. But this is a recent one from Reaver.
My sig says it all.

That, and another of my quotes in regards to people that post too frequently without adding any content what so ever...

K1LLKANO said:
Maybe we need a designated hitter running around swinging the STFU bat at the offenders? I nominate David Ortiz! (go sox)
What can I say, I'm a funny guy :aetsch:
From Skythe:

(.) <---- Please use this simple tool of the english language.

See, I'm still here.

.......I laughed when I read that the other day.
By none other than whatashame:

King Whatashame said:
The face looking back at you from your computer screen is called a "reflection". Sadly, you flamed yourself pathetically. If I were you, I'd slap the shit out of myself for writing such a poor insult.
Of course I have. I've read through all 20 some pages.

Reaver said:
Ethix said:
Jeez, Stony, that perspective is a killer. Welcome back. Mitch; nice jacket you got there. Mind I go over to your house, break in, and steal that and raid your fridge leaving only some breakfast cereal and an empty wallet? For Old Time's Sake?

Might as well plunder his ass while your at it. :wink:

I Laughed when I reread that one. I slay myself.
Was that Shawing21/causin calamities, dude? Nah, can't be, the date is too recent, hmmm.

Btw, I love your new avatar, man.

Here are some funny ones

No Balls said:
i got kicked in the b@lls 5 or 6 times by my cousin
and i was 4 years old.i was looking to see what the big kids did then one of pushed me and my head went up a lil of the wall then i found out it was a scar.

Self Punishment said:
Somewhere on the web is me belting ma self in the head with a baseball (wooden) but the most painfull thing had to be when my mate dared me to split a terry's choc orange with my head. what he didnt tell was that it had been in the fridge for 3 days. Lets just say 2 paracetamol and some whiskey later i kinda felt slighlty better.
That's one small step for a man, a giant leap for mankind
- Neil Armstrong
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