Megs and Negs Centennial Thread


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Okay, so my comic, Megs and Negs, is going to be having it's 100th comic pretty soon, and I want to make at least four comics dedicated to this event, and to do that I'm going to need billions of cameo appearances, so if you want to make a cameo, please post here what you want to look like, and I'll try to fit you in.
I'm in. I just want to look I'm not really fussy, just as long as I look cool.
I want a cameo look at my profile to see a pic of me I want long hair, and my dude to be wearing a black tee and dark blue pants kay?
Yea i'll be in it, Make me sorta like a rock star.. With a mowhawh and just anything out of the ordinary. lol thanks in advance
But you're already in the comic.
I just wanted to alert everyone to the fact that I have just finished the 80th comic, so if you want to be in the Centennial, you better ask quickly, because the 100th will be up sooner than you know.
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Forgive the double post, but this is the homestretch, 90 comics, and only a total of four cameos from TRMK. I'm disappointed.
uh...ill be in it if you want me to...on second thought i WANT to be in it either way. if you could just give me the link to that website where we make the custom character(like the one that glam posted) ill do me. after all, the comic is centering you, so you gotta have Stain the Lackey!