Mega Man 11


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Oh yeah!

Though I like the X and MMZ series better, more Mega Man is always awesome!

And I love the new style as well. ♥

I hope Bass will be playable in this version, and having his Treble form as well!
While I'm happy, I gotta be that guy. Every Mega Man game has the Robot Masters in their trailers, if not just their silhouettes. There were neither in this trailer and knowing Capcom's recent track record, this has me kinda worried when they don't show certain stuff. Besides that, we're also getting the X collection.
There was a Capcom stream where they showed a lot of stuff, concept art and such, amongst them one of the Robot Masters:



Here's some other stuff:




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I'm glad that they decided to move on and use new graphics rather than being stuck in 8-bit because of how everybody worships MM2 and MM3.